Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sabbath Moments

Colleen's blog has a wonderful meme where we 'cease' and let God be to experience sabbath moments.  There were a few times this weekend where I was able to just 'cease' and take in the moments the Holy Spirit was pouring forth in my life. They are as follows:

1)  Our good friends from New Orleans visited us this past weekend and on Saturday night we were able to sit out on our back deck and reminisce.  It was wonderful to catch up and see our good friends.  We haven't seen them in years.  They are actually two of our children's God parents.  There are so many wonderful families we know from New Orleans through our relationship with these people.  We've been to weddings and parties and prayer groups with our good friends from New Orleans.  It was so good to hear about everyone and know all is good.  The kids were all inside playing games and watching t.v. while the adults did their 'adult thing.'  We had barbeque shrimp and jambalaya for dinner.  It was a wonderful evening to remember good friends and good times.  I am grateful for the Holy Spirit to provide us with this time to 'cease' and let God be.

2)  Another sabbath moment occurred when my son's girlfriend offered to play with my four year old at the pool.  When I went up to pick him up, they were having so much fun throwing a ball around in the two feet.  I was able to talk with her while they played ball.  It was great to be able to spend time with them while they frolicked in the pool.  She is really a very sweet girl and I hope the future holds something special for her and my son.  My four year old had so much fun with her.  It was really an awesome gesture for her to offer to watch my four year old for a couple of hours.  It gave me a nice break on the weekend.

3)  My four year old and I were catching 'liteling' (lightening) bugs in the back yard after dinner tonight.  He said, "they are the friendliest bugs in the world."  Our New Orleans friends do not get lightening bugs.  We do here in Maryland.  It was a joy to see my son try to catch them and then carry them to me.  His boyhood play brings me so much joy and comfort.


  1. what a sweet comment from you son about them being friendly bugs. I never thought of it that way. They don't sting, they don't bite, they just fly around lighting things up

  2. Great sabbath moments!! Love each of them. I remember lightning bugs from when I was a kid. It has been years since I have seen any! A nice moment with your son's girlfriend. Her gesture says a lot about her. And taking time to be with friends and family. Awesome! Thanks for joining us!