Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Simple Woman

I would like to join A Simple Woman's Daybook Post for the month of May.

Outside my has been beautiful here in Maryland for the past couple days.  The sky has been blue with white puffy clouds.  It has been in the 60's or 70's.  Today we have a bit of an overcast but it is still pleasant.

I am thinking...that I've got to get cracking on my business and marketing plans for Nucleus of Life.  Some friends and I are trying to hold each other accountable for reaching some goals.  I've never done a business plan.  I've been brainstorming and have a great idea to start for this.

I am thankful...that my daughter's boyfriend's prom turned out so well.  We met at his house to take pictures beforehand and Laura Ingraham came to visit.  She looks much better in person than she does on t.v.  I felt honored to meet her.  My daughter's boyfriend's father is her Godfather.

In the kitchen...we had leftovers of roast, rice, and carrots.

I am sweats and pink and black top

I am creating...a plan for the last day of our homeschool coop.  We are studying birds.

I am my son's college graduation and his Baccalaureate Mass.  I am so excited for him.  He majored in psychology but will be taking classes to get a nursing degree after he graduates.

I am the homeless man is faring that a bought soup and crackers for the other day.  He was sitting outside of Safeway.  I usually don't engage in this activity if I'm alone due to safety reasons but there were enough people around and all he wanted was food.

I am looking forward to... The graduation of my son and my daughter's second prom festivities this week.

I am hearing...Peace and Quiet!

Around the house... I just finished cleaning the kitchen.  I love my cleaning products as they smell so good and they don't have all the toxins most cleaning products have in them.

I am praying...for the leaders of homeschool coops.

One of my favorite things...was having someone new interested in my journal writing classes.

A few plans for the rest of the find something descent to wear to my sons activities we are going to this week.

Here are some recent pictures to share.  Here is one of my daughter's prom pictures.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Answer Me This

1. What's for dinner?

I think today is one of the hottest summer days to arrive in Maryland as it may get up into the 90's for one of the first times this year.  Therefore, we cooked a roast and carrots in the crock pot on Sunday and all we need to do is warm it up in the microwave without turning on the stove.  I'll fix some mashed potatoes and gravy with this.

2. What's the last thing you borrowed from someone?

A vacuum.  I hate vacuum problems when my rugs are messy.  My good friend let me use her vacuum once and she said I could have it as she had two and didn't need both.  She is a life saver!  My hubby is slow at spending money on new vacuum cleaners.  The rugs are clean now thanks to my friend.  We have a gorgeous dog but she sheds and I badly need to vacuum often.

3. What is your favorite prayer?

The Memorare - These are the most words spoken by Mary in the bible.  They tell all.  Notice how she gives glory to God:

"My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;
my spirit rejoices in God my savior.

For he has looked upon his handmaid's lowliness;
behold, from now all ages will call me blessed.

The Mighty One has done great things for me,
and holy is his name.

His mercy is from age to age
to those who fear him.

He has shown might with his arm,
dispersed the arrogant of mind and heart.

He has thrown down the rulers from their thrones
but lifted up the lowly.

The hungry he has filled with good things;
the rich he has sent away empty.

He has helped Israel his servant,
remembering his mercy,
according to his promise to our fathers,
to Abraham and to his descendants forever."

4. What is the oldest thing in your house?

Either the antique chairs from my grandmother or her dessert dishes from the depression era.  Both of my daughters want to inherit these items.  When my mom passes (far from now...God willing), I will receive a china set from Germany and china cabinet along with Hummel figurines from Germany.

5. What's the best concert you ever attended?

It might have been Jimmy Buffet during an outdoor concert.  We were on picnic blankets on the lawn.  Otherwise, I usually dislike concerts.  They are too loud for me.  I guess I'm getting older.

6. Do you have a nickname?

They used to call me Eileen the String bean when I was younger.  They would shorten the version and call me Beener or Beenie.  I even remember writing a story about it in fourth grade.  My paper was the one picked by the teacher to read to the class.  I'm not called by this nickname anymore...I guess it just wore off or never caught on to anyone else except my family and neighbors when I was a little girl.

Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Minute Fridays

I'm participating in 5 Minute Fridays where you just write for 5 minutes about something you are grateful for in life.  I will include with my post some pictures.

So often, my illness surfaces and I have to go up on my medicine.  Usually, it occurs when my house is messy.  Therefore, the Lord lead me to clean some areas in my home.  I am so grateful that He lead me in this direction as my brain was getting too cluttered.  I had to do something.  Unfortunately, I had to get rid of some of the size 8's that are too small for me as now I wear an 11 (boo hoo).  I'm still grateful that I have enough items for size 11 so I don't have to go shopping.  Here are my before and after pictures:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Deo Gratias

I am participating in Deo Gratias today.  Just click on the link to participate and list five things you are thankful for this week.

1.)  I am thankful for the rain here in Maryland today as my son and I curl up together to finish reading Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  What a wonderful story.  I recommend it for all young people.

2.)  I am grateful for the end of teaching Religious Education classes for the year.  We had a great time together.

3.)  I am grateful that I was able to tell a friend about the toxic free and healthy products I've come across.  We are having a conference call today to tell her more as her daughter has bad allergies.

4.)  I am thankful for the game I created to use in many of my classes.

5.)  I am grateful for the women's group I am involved with who is meeting together tonight.

Wednesday's Hodgepodge - Mother May I?

I'm joining Wednesday's Hodgepodge.  Just click on the link to participate.

Three Generations
1. Share something you appreciate (or something you appreciated as you were growing up) about your mother.

My mother kept a neat house and always made very good dinners.  She was always there for me.  I wish my house and meals were as good as hers.  What is more important the fact that she was always there for me.  I always had a place to go if I had questions or needed help.  This is the example that I've been able to emulate with my own children and because of this my children are all thriving in life.  

I do remember a time when my mother showed me a newspaper article about a local dance studio while she asked me if I would like to take dancing lessons.  I liked the idea and within the next week I was happily taking dancing lessons.  These lessons gave me a passion for something I enjoyed and kept me out of trouble in my teen years as I was heavily involved in cheer leading and gymnastics with friends.  My brothers were less fortunate because they had the wrong friendships.  I'm so appreciative of this endeavor in my life.  If it wasn't for my active life as a young person, I may have ended up with the wrong friendships as my parents were possibly a bit too lenient with us.

2. A quote most commonly ascribed to Plato reads-"Necessity is the mother of invention." When did this last play out in your own experience?

I invented a game that reflects Psalm 23 and I've used it in many of the homeschool and religion classes I've taught for the last five years.  One of them is a journal writing class.  Anyone knows that writing is a challenging subject to teach young ones.  This game made the class so enjoyable for the kids.  I'm so grateful for the Holy Spirit leading me to come up with the idea for my game.

3. Share one of the earliest memories you have from childhood.

My father was in the Navy and we were stationed on a base in Oahu.  I remember going to the Chief's Club with my Dad and all his friends would call me "princess."  Boy did I feel like a princess to have all these awesome military men all around me.  He would order me a Shirley Temple.  I felt like I was in heaven!  I know this isn't about my Mom but I seem to remember more earlier accounts with my Dad.

4. When did you last 'hit the mother lode'? What was it?

When my second oldest son found a new girlfriend.  His breakup with his first girlfriend really hurt him.  I was so happy when he found a smarter girl to date.  He turned to my husband and I to try to get over the hurt.  My own heart was breaking as I saw how much he suffered.  I know it is wrong to get so serious before one is married, but God has turned to him in his hour of need here too.

5. What is/was your favorite dish mom made? Do you make that dish for your family/friends now that you're all grown up?

My favorite dish as a child was spaghetti with my mom's homemade sauce.  Yes, I make it for my own family.  It is very meaty and spicy.  I can not eat pasta like I used to when I was younger.  It puts on the calories for me.

6. Mother May I? was at one time a popular children's game. It required no equipment or parts to play. What was your favorite childhood game to play where you could just turn up and play-no gear needed?

I remember playing hide-and-seek for hours upon end with my neighborhood friends.  Two sisters lived next door to me and we would talk to each other from inside our kitchen windows which faced together.  They actually became like the sisters I never had for myself.

7. Which TV mom (past or present) is your favorite, and why?

I particularly like "I Dream of Jennie."  She didn't have children (I have five) but for some reason I really liked this show.  I think I liked the idea of her lover being so intricately connected to the military as my own father was in his life.  As you can see, my mom cherished my father and let him develop a close relationship with me too.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Answer Me This

Linking up with Kendra for Answer Me This today.  Here's a pic of my sweet mom and her brother.

1.)  Are you becoming your mother?

Yes.  There are many phrases she used to say that I sometimes say too.  Like "don't dilly dally."

2.)  Coffee or Tea?

I drink coffee all morning every day.  I guess too much sometimes.  It doesn't seem to harm me.

3.)  What foreign country would you like to visit?

I don't have any interest and seeing other countries.  If the chance occurs, it would be nice but I'm not going out of my way for this.  Everything is vain under the sun.  I would steer clear of the Middle East.  I find joy in seeing nature in my own backyard.

4.)  Do you cry easily?

No, but sometimes I wonder if this is one reason I'm becoming my mom (#1) when I can't stand to see injustice.  It bothers me.  I cried during the Iraqi war when I was talking on the phone with a friend.  She told me to turn the t.v. off.  I did.  I cried on 911.  My eyes watered when Obama blamed Benghazi on a video...who would believe such a thing!?  I did not cry when my father passed away.  It was a joyous time for him even though hard and suffering.

5.)  How often do you wear heels?

I used to wear them all the time.  Now I seldom wear them because I feel like I may loose my balance.  I'm getting too old.

6.)  Do you play an instrument?

Unfortunately I'm not very musical.  I just make up simple rhyme and sign language songs for little ones.  That's about as advanced as I get today.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Deo Gratias

I'm listing what I'm thankful for this week at Colleen's blog at Deos Gratias.  Just click on the link to participate.  I am grateful for my son's First Holy Communion here!

1)  I am grateful for the two opportunities my college sons are given recently.  One is accepted into a Ph.D. program and the other has a part time job at a local hospital which is in line with his college major.

2)  I am grateful that I made my own oatmeal today instead of buying McDonald's oatmeal.  Mine is better, cheaper, and healthier.  (I know - small matter - but means a lot to me.)

3)  I am thankful that my high school daughter's boyfriend was not hurt in the car accident he was in recently.  I am also thankful for their friendship as he comes from a wonderful Christian family of ten children!

4)  I am thankful that it is beautiful day here in Maryland after two days of rain.  I am planning on spending some time outdoors in the yard with my son.  Thank you God!

5)  I am grateful for my MeetUp site for the writing class I'm teaching.  If you have young ones interested in writing and you'd like to get ideas, please join at