Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook (September)

I am participating in a Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my is going to go up to 94 today in Maryland according to this mornings weather report on WMAL.  It is currently pleasant in the morning as we just returned from walking our dog, Bella.  She attracted a couple of our neighbors' dogs.  It's so funny how she gets so excited when she first sees them at times...and...suddenly...a couple minutes later...she doesn't even know the other dogs are there.  Why is her "doggy world" like this?

I am Thinking...I am very concerned about my 24 year old son.  His heart is breaking as he just helped his girlfriend move three hours away to attend grad school.  His girlfriend is studying to be a physical therapist and they just tacked on three more years of study for this degree.  I do not see the need for this.  I think people (likely liberals) are specifically making it harder for young people to start families together.
Son and Girlfriend
I am Thankful...for the interview I had with a local Catholic school to possibly be a substitute teacher in the future.  In the meantime, I might be able to help with after school care.

In the Kitchen...We barbecued chicken last night and had mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.  I also made some yummy Buffalo Chicken Bites for our next tailgate at University of Maryland football games.

Dinner last night

Yummy Tailgate Food
I am shorts, grey tee, and black flip flops.

I am Reading...My son's book on Thomas Becket with him.

I am Creating...Two crafts for two different journal classes I am teaching.

I am Looking Forward to...going to the Penn State game with Maryland in Pennsylvania with my hubby, other son, girlfriend, and her parents.  It will be the first time we meet her parents.  She is a beautiful girl my son met on  I've heard about 1/3 of couples are meeting online these days.
Son and Girlfriend
I am Hearing...the quiet in the house while my son is doing his religion. He studies three separate religion books, including the Catechism and Bible History.

Around the House...I just watched the ending of the "Lord of the Rings" with my 5th grader last night.  It was so good that I could hardly take my eyes off of what was going to happen next!

I am Praying...for my children and our country/military...always...always...always!

One of My Favorite Things...was seeing my 5th grader double up on some of his work this year so that he does not fall behind.

A Few Plans for Next Week...attend Back-To-School night at my daughter's Catholic school in Virginia.  I always look forward to meeting her teachers.

Here is a recent pic to share:
Family at the Beach 2016 Summer