Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I would like to post to 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.

1.)  During Lent I am trying to take more of an opportunity to pray more.  I read Fr. Barron's Lenten devotions every morning and I've been participating more heavily in the morning or afternoon prayers on EWTN which includes the rosary - my favorite prayer.  I am trying to enter into the desert more this Lent but keep falling short of perfection.  Today was Friday and I didn't eat meat but I did eat three fattening bad.

2.)  I am also focusing on almsgiving as I've reached out to the community through service oriented endeavors.  There are three I'm focused on:  a)  An after school program for poor children from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.  They may possibly need me once a week and I mentioned that I could teach the children my dance and movement class.  I think they liked the idea.  b)  There is a local Job Fair to share resumes and talk with principals from Catholic schools in the WDC metro area coming up soon.  I would like to attend this and see what may be available to help out on a part time basis.  c)  I also sent an application in to assist the elderly in a local Jewish community.  The most convenient possibility will be the after school program as it is the closest and I am still homeschooling my second grader.  He can participate with me.

3)  I've prepared my lessons for my next Journal Writing class and Religious Education class.  I have to pick up the shamrocks the boys will hunt for in the yard since they were enlarged and laminated at a local print shop.  Patrick already caught his leprechaun in a pot of gold (I think he is doing the splits).  Then he has to write about it.

My Religious Education class will be attending Reconciliation and I've prepared a take home quiz for the kids that we can start in class if we have time.

4)  My senior is finding out important information for her chosen field of study:  nursing at local universities.  She is also casually dating a very nice young boy from a devout Catholic family.  My husband and I have to take her out driving more so she can build up her confidence to get her license.  She is so small that even when I get into the car after she drives, I have to scoot the seat back.  I am 5'4".

5)  The girls were home from school for two days in the beginning of the week because they had parent/teacher conferences.  It was a nice relaxing time where I took them to get their hair cuts.  My son and I were exhausted after an extremely busy Monday and also took off homeschooling as it was hard for him to stay focused on his subjects.  On Monday, we had to run from coop, to religious education, to sports night at my two daughters' high school.  My daughters were on the swim team.  Here are the graduating seniors:

6)  I ordered new third grade spelling and math books for my second grade homeschooler.  He just finished his Holy Eucharist book for his sacramental preparation next month.  He is doing a superb job with his journal writing and cursive handwriting practice.  He is also becoming more independent in taking his history quizzes now as he performs any research himself.  I love the stories he is reading with his Memory Press reader.  He also has an impressive memory with his Latin vocabulary.

7)  It turns out that I will have to be the lead teacher for my son's science class in our coop.  It is o.k. though because another mom is lending me her curriculum material for magnetism and birds.  As long as this material is user friendly, I'll be able to take the time to plan and teach the class.  Otherwise, I will not have the time.