Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Homeschool Week

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

It is time for The Homeschool Mother's Journal summer edition. Just click on this name to join in.

In my Life this Week: We attended the pasta feast for the swim team.  It was great to see all the swim team families.  Although my four year old wanted to go in the pool and I had to watch him often and couldn't talk to the adults the whole time.  My husband is very busy being the volunteer coordinator so I had to watch my son.  I just can't take my eyes off him for long when we're around the pool.  I was also very tired on Friday and don't know why.  Therefore, I had to be extra careful around the pool.  My daughters had fun with their friends and they are very good swimmers so there was no need to watch them too - thankfully!  We have a big helping of left over pasta in our refrigerator this week.

My girls were also cooking this week making potato salad and creamy pasta chicken casserole.  I'm trying to get them more involved in cooking.  I also had to go up on my meds this week.  Please pray for me that I can manage better.

In Our Homeschool Summer Week:

Religion: 1) - Presentation and 2) Finding in the Temple 3) Journal - Pentecost

Writing: 1) Completed final draft on book report.

Reading: 1) Pre-schooler - Catholic National Reader and library books 2)The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  My high schooler is a faster reader and will probably get to her summer reading a little later.

Math: 1) Corrections 2) Finding a Square Root 3) Reducing Fractions

Physical Educ: 1) Swim Team practice

Places We're Going/People We're Seeing: Swim Team families, the pool.

My Favorite Thing this Week: Reading with my soon-to-be five year old.  His birthday is next week.

Books I'm Reading: Red Moon at Sharpsburg by Rosemary Wells - I'm seriously thinking about letting the kids in the co-op history class I'm teaching next year read this book and do reports on it.  It gives a very good account of what times were like during the Civil War period.

Things I'm Working On: 1) I'm working on choosing materials for next year's curriculum. 

Question I have:  Can Photography count as an Art class?

A Link, Photo, or Quote to Share"May you acknowledge the voice within and harken to its power and wisdom."  Mary Summer Rain

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  1. Photography is most definately Art!
    so glad to "meet" you- love connecting with other Christian homeschool mothers!
    from the HS Mothers Journal