Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is such a great blessing to be able to express our gratitude for what God does in our lives.  This is exactly what we do with Judy's blog on Wednesday mornings.  The bible is full of verses that praise God and our conversations should be too.  Here is my thankful list this week:

1)  I am so grateful to be able to have woke up in the wee early hours of the morning every day this week to offer up the rosary for my family and our country.  It has been very peaceful and beneficial to have Our Lady's protection as we go through our days.

2)  I am thankful for the large painting in our living room of early America.  There is a church, house, horse and buggy, farm, and covered bridge across a small stream in a large field.  When the light shines on this picture just right, the church doors have an elegant glow to them as this is one way we FOLLOW THE LIGHT of Christ.

3)  I'm grateful to be able to spend time with my five year old catching baby frogs in the back yard.  I also enjoy bringing him to our local swimming pool for some outdoor fun.  It was a joy to hear him speak of his two older brothers in the life guard chairs.

4)  I am grateful for our pediatrician even though he is trying to talk me into getting the vaccination for my daughters for cervical cancer.  I think it is time to find a new doctor for them.  He listed three reasons for doing so:  1) Younger women have a quicker anti-biotic reaction.  2)  Apparently, you have to come get the shot three times in a few months.  Therefore, when girls turn eighteen - it is harder to get them in to have it done.  So it is a scheduling dilemma.  and 3) Lastly, the media doesn't tell the truth about it.  It is not just related to sex.  You do not have to 'go all the way' to contract cervical cancer.  I've been with this pediatrician since my children were babies.  He explains things very well.  Nevertheless, now that my girls are older and he is pushing this vaccination, I really want a new doctor for them.  I'm still thankful for his past services though.  I would like to find a Christian doctor for them.

5)  I am thankful for the deer I saw in our front yard the other day.  I love to see deer near the house.  They are beautiful animals (not the deer ticks though).  There were two fawns running around their mother in our neighbors yard.  I'm also thankful that I've never hit a deer on the road.  My husband and son have though.  I'm amazed at how close they come sometimes and never run out in front of my car.


  1. I had to re-read #3 a couple of first I thought you were saying that your 5 yo catches the frogs & takes them to the local pool. Whew! I think I need some sleep for these tired eyes of mine...LOL!

    #4 is a worry of mine for the future w/ our DD. She's only six right now, but our doctor already mentioned the shot in passing one day.

  2. I read it the same way munchesmom did!! lol
    I love watching wildlife. My mom gets deer in her backyard from time to time.
    Great list. God bless!