Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sabbath Moments

Colleen's blog has a wonderful place where we can share sabbath moments together.  Just click on her name to go to her wonderful meme.

1)  My daughter had two dance recitals on Saturday at a local high school auditorium. I was a chaperon for one of the recitals and therefore, stayed in one of the classes while they waited to perform.  It was a joy to see the girls practicing in the hallway in their beautiful ballet costumes.  There dance was to the song 'White Horse.'  During the morning show, I had the opportunity to walk around the track in the back of the school while I waited to be a chaperon.  It was a very peaceful moment while I exercised with the morning sun beating down on me.  I could remember back in my high school days when I ran track.  There was another person who was sprinting around the track.  I knew I couldn't run like that anymore as I felt the mild arthritis in my hips acting up at the end of my walk.  Nevertheless, it was a very peaceful moment for me because I was taking the time to gently exercise and be outdoors on this beautiful morning.

2)  It was also such a joy to be able to play badminton in our back yard with my husband and children.  My four year old kept running around the yard with the volleyball while we were playing.  He was playing with my older son.  My daughters would laugh often when they had difficulty hitting the birdie.  It was great to be able to just relax and play as a family.

3)  I had a very special moment talking to my mother on the phone while my husband took my two youngest children to the pool.  The sun was out and I was drinking iced tea while watching a monarch butterfly flutter around all the branches of our tulip poplar tree.  It was heart warming to hear her voice as she has had many aches and pains lately.  She was feeling good today.  After my husband came home, we all said the family rosary together.

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