Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

When we look back over our week to list the things we're thankful for, it puts our ideas about life and our daily responsibilities into proper perspective.  Have you ever had a day where it is hard to get going?  Well then make a list of what God has done for you and say a prayer of thanksgiving.  You will feel a renewed sense of energy to tackle your day.  This is what Judy's meme helps me to do each Wednesday.  Please click on her name to go to her great meme.  Here are the five things I am thankful for this week:

1)  I am grateful that my high school daughter takes her academics seriously.  She has been studying hard this past week to do good on final exams.

2)  I am thankful that my college son was able to rent his off campus apartment to his awesome friend for part of the summer. 

3)  I am grateful for the time spent cuddling with my prescooler last night and talking to my daughter before bedtime.

4)  I am overjoyed for having my two college sons home.  Ever since they've been home, my preschooler has become much more independant because they are playing with him.  It is a miracle to see this play out in their relationships with eachother.

5)  I am very grateful for finally having help tonight to learn how my sewing machine works.


  1. I just love those cuddle times & special talks w/ the munchkins, esp. in the evening before bed. We have some of the best conversations. I love #4...what a blessing for your college sons to spend time w/ their younger sibling, when so many older siblings today would rather be off w/ their friends, etc.

  2. I love the last one. I need to learn how to sew, badly! :) ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  3. Love your list. Can relate to the joy of having your sons around. And I always loved the cuddle times when they were little! God bless!

  4. My 84 yr old mom took my sewing machine in for repair, paid for it & brought it back to me as good as that's something I'm thankful for!