Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tea Talk

It's time for tea talk on Ruth's blog.  Today:

I was having my usual coffee with a hint of hazelnut creamer.  I stepped outside onto the front porch while I was drinking it for a few minutes to see a foot of snow all around our suburban neighborhood.  I noticed how quite it was and how the red, white, and blue American flag on our house really stood out against the snow.  I thought of all those who have defended our country in this peaceful quite bliss as the flag blew gently in the soft breeze.  I offered up a prayer in thanksgiving and mourning.

My mug was a tall, skinny, white mug with a picture of a snowman on the front.  Above the snowman it says, "LET IT SNOW" with little blue snowflakes all around the rest of the mug.

I was feeling relaxed with a bit of nervousness mixed in with the relaxation because my husband was home from work today and was not feeling well.  This meant that I was not going to get much homeschooling done today.

On my mind was my sixth grader's Science project and my high schooler's English research and rhetoric paper.  I was preparing to tackle the research involved with these two projects to get them started on a decision for an experiment to record and an author to write about.  Upon entering the house, I was wishing that both of our computers worked instead of only one working.  At twelve o'clock I watched the Mass on EWTN and my children and I said Divine Mercy afterwards.  This helped ease my anxieties today as my four year old seemed to need attention quite often today.  Of course, it just seemed like this because the desire for attention from him came while I was busy (on phone, helping daughters, doing laundry or dishes, fixing meals, etc.).

FOR THE SAKE OF HIS SORROWFUL PASSION, HAVE MERCY ON US!  Thank you Dear Lord for your loving care!  Let me never take what I have for granted!


  1. Thanks for sharing your tea / coffee time :) A foot of snow sounds like a perfect view to be sipping hot coffee with the vision of pure white.

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog today! It's nice to "meet" you. :)

    The snow sounds lovely, especially at tea time. We had quite the "snow storm" all morning, so only a few of my family came for Jacob's 20th b'day this evening. We still had a great time.


  3. Hello Eileen,
    thanks for joining us @ Tea Talk this week. I had you link fixed. I used to battle on these technical aspects of blogging before. Yes, you're right. We get better in time :)

    Reading your homeschool activities made me feel "lazy", hahaha. I don't do much homeschool stuff these days. My girl is finishing few lessons while the 2 are done with theirs. We still have enough time to wait for the arrival of the new materials. So, I'm more busy with other things.

    I hope your dh gets better soon, and you all enjoy a restful weekend.


  4. Hoping you're having a great day, keep warm all the time. Have a great weekend ahead of you!