Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

So much to do!

I am presently homeschooling two kids at home.  My older three are in college or Catholic high school.  I am so busy with just two at home!  I flip flop between one and the other while we do our work in the morning.  Sometimes, I'm helping my sixth grader with her Math while my toddler is climbing on me and trying to get my attention.  He is suppose to be coloring his journal entry.  I don't know how he found his way over to us.  I tell my daughter, "hold that thought" while I redirect him to his own work.  Now she is doing her English and my toddler interupts her to go get a toy in the back yard for him.  They are talking, laughing, and bonding while all this is taking place.  I have to remind my daughter, ONCE AGAIN, that she needs to focus on her English.  Therefore, she quickly performs the task and returns to her work. 

We needed a little pep talk and motivation to get started today.  I had to make some promises to my toddler so that he would do his work.  We set up a little change bank so when he does good work he can add a coin to take a trip to Disney World some day.  There is always something to do and get done.

It is fortunate that we said our prayers, ate breakfast, and brushed our teeth.  We're going to have to attend to some chores later.  How do homeschoolers with many children manage?  They must have exceptionally well kids who help out constantly.  It is only 9:00 am and I'm worn out!  I've heard of many homeschoolers who attend Mass every day.  How do they get out the door with all there responsiblities?!?  Anyway, just some thoughts to ponder about.  I really admire big families who can do all these things!

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