Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer's blog has a wonderful way to talk about things that have happened during your week or things that concern you.  Here are some of mine:

1)  I'm enjoying reading Souls at Rest by Charlotte Ostermann.  I've always tried to incorporate a Sabbath rest into my week but never really had the words to describe all of its history and purpose.  She has given me some insight into new practical ways to capture a beneficial and restful Sabbath. 

2)  I spent 5 years or more as a Pastoral Visitor at a local parish.  I received my training from a parish that had a much better staff than the one we attend.  After some of the residents in the nursing home passed away, our parish called me to help with their program.  We were able to pray and bring Eucharist to a wonderful lady who lived near by every weekend.  She enjoyed seeing my children too.  After her passing, I tried to see if there was any other needy person who needed a Eucharistic minister to come.

Both parishes had no one.  In fact, one of the parishes sent me to a resident that had passed away!  They have new leadership for the group now.  Our parish staff never really had a good handle on things.  There was a wonderful priest here that gave a talk and one of the staff was going to keep and maintain these wonderful containers that each Eucharistic minister had access to bring on their visits with them.  I ended up making my own container.  Both parishes know I'm available but never call me.

Question:  Does this type of thing happen in your parish?  Is it common?

3)  Therefore, I've tried different areas on how to provide a service to the community through our parish.  I do not want to just give money to some cause.  We already tithe.  I want to meet a real person who I can reach out and help.  We've delivered a meal to needy women once.  Only problem is - I didn't get to meet the women.  They just took the lasagna and put it into the fridge for later.  I really like the Works of Mercy but I would really like to meet and serve an individual one on one.  Really get to know them.  I've tried a few other things but seem to need to financially support someone else perform the service.  Therefore, this brings me to #4.

4)  I called my good friend, who I know and can speak face to face with!  She is not poor.  Nevertheless, she has three small children that keep her busy and her husband just came home from the Middle East as he is in the Navy.  I told her to pick 10 to 14 pictures out that I will make a scrapbook picture for her to hang on her wall for free.  She knows it is part of my Sabbath rest too.  A service provided for someone who I know and respect as a person.  Not just money sent for a big project to someone I will never meet.

5)  I'm glad I thought of providing a service to someone and not have to go through the Church.  Now, that doesn't sound right!  Does anyone else run into these dilemmas?

6)  Now here I am - a Pastoral Visitor with a wealth of experience.  No one has called or needs my services.  It's like I'm not here.  I disappeared!

7)  Pray for me that I find more opportunities to serve through our beautiful Church!


  1. I'm sorry you are going through this- time and talent are much greater gifts than treasure (although that is needed, too)- keep finding ways you can be a gift to the Church and your neighbors

  2. Perhaps it is different there, but here in Australia people volunteer directly to the Aged Care homes, for pastoral care or to give other help,and they are very much appreciated.
    We sing at a number of Homes each month, and they all have people in regularly. Maybe there are other places in your community too, perhaps as a guest speaker at women's meetings, or something with children, whatever your talent.
    With love and blessings,

  3. I wish you lived in my area; our parish could use someone like you! The scrapbook picture collage sounds lovely.