Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is Wednesday and time to post the five things I am thankful for this week to Judy's blog.  I feel like if there is anything that is good to share - it is definitely what I am grateful for during my week.

1)  I am grateful for the book I am using to introduce my four year old to the Ten Commandments.  It is called "The Ten Commandments, I Obey God" by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.  It has beautiful pictures and simple stories that will help a small child put into practice the beginnings of their understandings of the Commandments.

2)  I am thankful for visiting the library on Monday - before the snow hit.  We have a stack of books to read while we are snowed in today.  My daughters occasionally will read to my four year old too.  It is wonderful to see this.  The library near our house has shortened their hours.  Therefore, we visited a neighboring county's library who has much better hours.  It is a 20 minute further drive but well worth it.  The staff there is much friendlier too.  These hour reductions took effect after Obama took office.

3)  I am so grateful for the experience my dear husband has with lifeguarding and swim team.  My college sons have lifeguarding jobs during the summer and all of my children have benefited from participating on our local swim team.  My college sons may be coming home one day this week for an interview for their summer jobs (weather depending).  My high schooler is on her school's swim team and has been invited to a prestigious swim meet at Villanova.

4)  I am also grateful for the fact that my husband was able to take my two daughters and their friend to the March for Life Rally and March in WDC.  I attended the rally one year with my daughters but it was much too cold to attend the march for me.  Also, my PTSD makes it difficult for me to be in large crowds for prolonged periods.  They all had a good time and met up with my daughter's high school during the march. I would highly recommend the rally to anyone.  It is a holy and uplifting event.

5)  I am also grateful for the chance to begin putting together a starter kit to SAAC (Summary Analysis and Composition) to help homeschool moms utilize NOL's approach to teaching their children.  See my website at  I hope someday I can get additional help for the things I need to add to my website.  Right now I do not know how to go about making the necessary changes and additions to make my site more attractive.  If you view my site, you will see alot of text right now.


  1. Thank you for sharing your marvelous blessings with us! Swimmers are STRONG! You must have such fun watching them glide through the water!
    I'd be happy to try to help you with your me if you like!

  2. Great list! Love libraries!
    I can imagine how awesome it is to be at March for Life. I would love to go sometime but I too would have trouble in crowds.

  3. We have several of Rev. Lovasik's books & the munchkins really like them. I just love when older siblings read to the younger ones. Even our 5yo, who is just learning to read herself, will sit w/ our 2yo & read to him.

    Our library shortened their hours last year when their issue didn't pass, but this year they've gone back to their normal hours when the new one did pass. I don't know where we'd be w/out our library! And I am so thankful it is so close & our munchkins love to take trips there.