Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is time to post my thankful list for the week to Judy's blog.  It is a wonderful practice to record what we're thankful for in our lives.

1)  I am thankful for little feet to put little shoes on my four year old.  I remember when my older kids were younger, I felt like I was going to go crazy putting their shoes on every time they went out the door.  It was a task that was a challenge because - as toddlers - they were quite wiggly.  I had more feet to take care of and little help to get them ready.  Today, I see how blessed I was to perform this servant's work as they've grown into wonderful adults and teens.  As I put my toddler's shoes on the other day, I realized that the task wasn't so overbearing now because children are so precious.  I have another toddler to help prepare him for the world!

2)  I am thankful for the warm turtleneck to wear under my sweater.  I was really chilled on Monday.  You can see from my posts that I love to be warm!

3)  I am thankful for our family prayer time on Sundays.  My son's girlfriend even joined us.  Our prayer time is becoming a living tradition that can be passed on to future generations!

4)  I am thankful for my new glasses.  They do not have those little rubber items that rest glasses on one's nose.  These 'rubber pads' have to be cleaned.  For a long time I was wearing my old seventies glasses.  My husband would make fun of me jokingly.  I finally found a pair that are more modern and easier to keep clean.  I usually wear my contact lenses when I am out and about.

5)  I am thankful for the days I can wear my pretty pink barrettes and lipstick.  So often, I don't have time to blow dry my hair or put all my make up on.  I just scrunch my hair into curls and pull the sides back with my barrettes and add a little lipstick.  This frees up my time to attend to the children's homeschooling.  When I was younger, I was more conscientious of always looking my best.  Today, I realize that I can look fine without getting 'dolled up' every day.  My daughters tell me that I don't even need make up.  What a compliment at my age!


  1. What a great list of thanks! I LOVE little toddler feet! Every time I change my 2 year old's diaper, I just have to give both of his feet a brings such a precious smile to his face!

  2. Love your list! Especially #3!!

  3. Great List. #2- I love to be warm too! Didn't think I would miss doing #1, but I sure do.

  4. I just love how you found the blessing in these simple little pleasures in life...I TRULY relate to every single one of them!!!!!!!!