Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I'm posting to A Simple Woman's Daybook for this Sunday in June.

Outside My Window:  It started out sunny today in Maryland on this relaxing Sunday.  The clouds started rolling in when my husband and I took a long walk together.  The walking path went through the woods and the flowers and honeysuckle smelled so good.  My hubby even picked some flowers for me that I smelled along our walk.  It was so romantic when a petal went up my nose and I blew it out and it came floating to the ground.  (just kidding - but it did happen)

I am thinking:  Our puppy, Bella, better stop chewing on the blanket I have wrapped around my shoulders.  She is so cute but chews on things too much.  I will be taking her to obedience classes this month.  She popped a hole in my son's basketball today.

I am thankful for:  A successful month of May that just passed.   We had four birthdays, one graduation, and one Confirmation in our family.  It all went very well.  It was a tiring month to say the least...NOW IT'S TIME TO RELAX...before swim team starts up.

I am also thankful for going through my growing son's old clothes and bringing them to a younger mom with two boys.

From the learning rooms:  I am still finishing up history and continuing the three R's:  Reading, Writing, and Math.  I'll be reading my son Leon Garfield's Shakespeare Stories II later today.  There is a story about Julius Caesar in it.  We read about him in history with Story of the World.

From the Kitchen:  Pork Roast

I am wearing: A blue and black jogging short set

I am creating:  A craft and story to read for our last NOL Co-op.  We will also have ice cream cake for the last class that I'll have to pick up later in the week.

I am going:  To the library in the neighboring county to pick out a good story for our Co-op class.  The library in our county has bad hours and is closed on Sunday.

I am reading:  Intellectuals and Race by Thomas Sowell.

I am hoping:  that I am going to manage well this week when hubby goes to the beach with my oldest son and his college buddies.  It is a graduation present for my son to use the Beach House for fun with his friends that graduated from college with him.

I am hearing:  My husband calling my oldest daughter to come get ready to go to work.  She is a lifeguard at our local neighborhood pool.  She is glad that it is overcast today so the pool will not be crowded.  When she comes home, she has to study for finals.

One of my favorite things:  was helping out at the graduation ceremony this past weekend at my two daughters' school.  The junior parents serve at the senior's graduation ceremony.  It was fun to have fellowship with other moms and serve the senior families.  The girls looked so nice in their cap and gowns and red flowers.

Around the house:  My youngest daughter and son are talking about something on the other computer and running outside to see the baby bunnies living under the sliding board to our swing set.  There is a whole family of baby bunnies there and you could see the hole that is used for their burrow.

I am wondering:  when my hubby will be home so that I can go to the library and when my college sons will be home later today.  He is just now pulling up the driveway.  Later today, maybe everyone will be home to say rosary together.

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