Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prayers for fathers on Father's Day

Some beautiful prayers from Home Life Ministries to pray over your husband this Father's Day:

Pray for Your Husband…  
The following list is designed to pray one request per day, thus enabling you to pray through it each month. Pray…

1. That he would totally submit himself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

2. That he would love the Lord with all of his heart, soul, and strength.

3. That he would be a man of wisdom, viewing himself, me as his wife, our children, others, and circumstances the way God does.

4. That he would grow in brokenness of spirit and humility, longing for God to reveal areas of needed growth.

5. That his heart would hunger and thirst for a closer, intimate relationship with God.

6. That he would understand that though he is a husband and father, he is a man under authority, respecting his authorities, as he desires his family to honor him.

7. That he would give first priority to spending time with the Lord every day in Bible reading, mediation, and prayer, and that it would be a source of encouragement and strength to him.

8. That he would realize his position of victory and power in Jesus Christ, casting down imaginations, and bringing every thought into captivity.

9. That he would experience God’s perfect sacrificial love for him and because of that knowledge, love and cherish me, his wife, so that our marriage would clearly typify Christ’s love for the Church.

10. That he would be committed to and experience moral freedom, making a covenant to not look upon strange women to lust after them, and setting nothing immoral before his eyes.

11. That he would fully accept the way God has made him and me, understanding our differences as male and female, and enabling us to reach out to each other unselfishly.

12. That he would continue to grow in the skill of intimate, honest communication, reaching out to me in sensitive understanding, allowing a greater oneness of spirit between us.

13. That he would be committed to making his marriage a priority, delighting in me as a woman, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

14. That he would be filled with wisdom to be the loving, wise, sensitive spiritual leader of our home.

15. That he would (continue to) make it a priority to lead our family in a regular devotional time.

16. That he would be a wise protector, shielding his family from the onslaughts of Satan and the world.

17. That he would value and understand each of our children’s needs and strengths, being and doing all he can for their spiritual and emotional growth.

18. That he would know how to express his love and acceptance to each of our children, alert for opportunities to praise and affirm them, and be enabled to meaningfully communicate with them.

19. That he would make it a priority to spend quantity and quality time with our children.

20. That he would be a loving, consistent disciplinarian of our children, not provoking them to anger.

21. That he would grow in meekness, not given to anger, but when failing be given the grace to humbly ask to be forgiven.

22. That he would trust the Lord for the spacing and number of children in our family.

23. That he would make wise financial decisions, being committed to tithing our income, and remembering that God is the ultimate Provider for our family.

24. That God would protect and guard him from spiritual, emotional, and physical danger.

25. That he would be blessed with good health and strength.

26. That he would have a life purpose bigger than his occupation, keeping the vision of service and missions before his eyes.

27. That he would use his job to encourage and share his faith in a dynamic way with others.

28. That he would not compare himself with others, being concerned of God’s evaluation of him.

29. That he would view the irritations of family life, occupation, and all of life’s trials as God’s best tools to build and refine his character, and be given the grace to delight in the Lord when the stresses of life increases.

30. That he would experience purpose in life and enjoy God’s smile of approval as he lays down his life for his family and others.

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