Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sabbath Moments

I'm hooking up with Colleen's blog for Sabbath Moments when we cease from the 'busyness' of our lives and bask in God's presence.  To participate...just click on this link.

1.)  I was able to spend time conversing with one of my best buddies this past Thursday.  We caught up on so much in our family lives.  I also gave her a book to read by Zan Tyler:  The Seven Tools of Learning that is helping her remember the reasons she chose to homeschool her young children.  If is such a joy to see how our conversations and this book are helping her.  She is a beautiful person and so intelligent.

2.)  I was able to take a nice warm bath yesterday and escape all the carpooling the kids around.  It was so relaxing just to be able to soak in the tub and say a few prayers and get squeaky clean.

3.)  My six year old watches a lot of nature or history channels now rather than all those noisy cartoons.  I'm so grateful that I was able to snuggle with him last night under a blanket and enjoy the shows with the screen door open so a light breeze came through it.


  1. Precious moments. Glad you are helping your friend with homeschooling. If at all possible, I think it is the only way to go in today's world.

  2. Great list. I always loved snuggling with my kids. And friends are such precious gifts! Thanks for joining me
    in sabbath moments!