Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Minute Friday

I'd like to try and join the flash mob for Five Minute Fridays today.  Unfortunately, by the time I receive word of it (Friday morning)'s too late for me to post to the site.  Nevertheless, I'll try once again.  You just write for five minutes without editing while thinking about a keyword:  LISTEN is the word today.

I really need help organizing the house but no one will listen to me.  I'll be talking about it to my doctor today...someone who listens.

We have books and papers everywhere, three coaches in our living room, furniture my hubby wants to keep for our college sons when they move out, messy children, junk mail laying around, a dog who chews things and leaves her hair on the rug, a storage room that needs to be organized, and you get the picture....

No one in my family cares about this but me.  I've lived 26 years trying to organize this mess and with all the books from my kid's school just piles up more and more.  No one listens to me I'm being unreasonable.

I will see what my doctor says when I tell her about it.  Hopefully, she'll understand.  Nevertheless, it is part of my illness when the mess starts 'getting to me.'  How does one decipher if I'm right or just having symptoms?  We'll see what the doc says today...wish me luck.

I can't think straight in this mess.  I need help.  A professional organizer will help me for $1200.  We could afford it because we just received a gift from my mother-in-law.  Hubby doesn't care though.  I'm stressed out living in this mess and no one will listen to me!!!

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  1. I hear you Eileen. I just hired a maid as I decided help was needed. Jesus is listening and hears your cries. In Him you will find rest. Thank you for your honest words. Blessings, Beth