Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 226)

It is time for Seven Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary. 

1)  Our dog, Bella, sometimes doesn't like to do her business in the brush of our backyard sometimes.  During the school year she will have to because I am in my jammies half the time when I take her out.  Maybe it will be dark enough if she pulls me into the front yard to walk down the street in the winter to go in a public grassy area.  If I'm still in my jammies, I can use a flash light.  I have to drive my girls to school early and the sun will not be up yet.  Oftentimes, she has to be pulled into the back yard to go.  She likes to patrol the neighborhood in the front.  She is like a watch dog for the neighborhood.  She'll just sit or lay in the front yard and look around.  I don't like to leave her off the leash because our neighbor's dog doesn't like her and attacks her.  She is pure joy to have and take care of but she has to remember that it is o.k. sometimes to do her business in the back yard.  Here is are sweet pup:

2)  My daughter has to babysit for an hour early in the morning twice a week for a young mom to go swimming in our local pool.  She forgot one morning and I'm very pleased that she apologized to the parents for over sleeping.  It shows she cares about her responsibilities and the people she helps.

3)  I'll be visiting my friends children today while she takes her husband to have shoulder surgery.  She doesn't even know how long it will take.  Her husband is in the service and the place where they are going said she had to bring her own food while she waited for him to recover.  This is ridiculous.  Too many cuts are being made in our military.  Someone is trying to make it miserable for our service men. 

My children are very good friends with her children and they will be able to hang out together today for a little while.  I am privileged to help a military family out.

4)  The other day I accidently took the keys to the other car with me when my son's car was in the shop.  He was supposed to pick my daughter up from teaching swim lessons to little ones.  I had to pick her up 45 minutes late.  I am so glad she had a good attitude about the whole incidence.  She was not angry at all for my carelessness.

5)  I've decided to cover half of my son's science book in homeschooling for second grade this year rather than try to finish the whole thing.  This will give us more time for Latin, Spelling, and a co-op group once a week.  He will be studying Harcourt Science and we'll do ten chapters with a simple experiment for each lesson.  The schedule is as follows:

Life Science

Living Things
-  What Are Cells?
-  What Are Animals?
-  What Are Plants with Seeds?
-  What Are Fungi?

Animal Growth and Adaptations
-  What Are the Basic Needs of Animals?
-  How Do Animals' Body Parts Help Them Meet Their Needs?
-  How Do Animals' Behaviors Help Them Meet Their Needs?

Plant Growth and Adaptations
-  What Do Plants Need to Live?
-  How Do Leaves, Stems, and Roots Help Plants Live?
-  How Do Plants Reproduce?

Human Body Systems (Health)
-  How Do the Skeletal and Muscular Systems Work?
-  How Do the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Work?
-  How Do the Nervous and Digestive Systems Work?

Earth Science

Earthquakes and Valcanoes
-  What Are the Layers of the Earth?
-  What Causes Earthquakes?
-  How Do Volcanoes Form?

-  How Do Fossils Form?
-  What Can We Learn from Fossils?
-  How Do Fossil Fuels Form?

Physical Science

Matter and Its Changes
-  What Are the Three States of Matter?
-  How Can Matter Be Measured and Compared?
-  What Are Some Useful Properties of Matter?
-  What Are Chemical and Physical Changes?

Heat - Energy On The Move
-  How Does Heat Affect Matter?
-  How Can Thermal Energy Be Transferred?
-  How is Thermal Energy Produced and Used?

-  What is Sound?
-  How Do Sounds Differ?
-  How Do Sound Waves Travel?

-  How Does Light Behave?
-  How Are Light and Color Related?

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6)  I am so proud of my youngest daughter too as she is vice president of her class next year.  We were really surprised at this because she is rather quiet sometimes.  It must be her red hair.  The president of the class came over to work with her on ideas for next year.  They were both very diligent in accomplishing and planning good things for their class next year.  I am very proud at how well they worked together.  Here are my two sweet daughters being silly:

7)  I am trying to loose weight by recording the things I eat and the exercise I get.  I keep bouncing back and forth like a yo yo five pounds or so.  Up and back, Up and back, Up and back.  I can't seem to keep loosing.  Therefore, I will have to give up eating my hubby's fattening dinners.  He brought subs home last night and of course I ate mine.  Of course he said, "You didn't have to eat it."  Therefore, I'm going to have a 150 calorie Lean Cuisine for dinner every night.  Hopefully this will help me.  Cutting out this late heavy meal should help me.

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