Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sabbath Moments

It is time for Sabbath Moments over at Colleen's blog.  Just click on the link to participate.

1)  Last night was a Sabbath Moment when my husband and I enjoyed happy hour together on the back deck.  We were listening to the sounds of nature together and looking at the sunset and beautiful sky.  Our sons were coming out to join us periodically.  We noticed that the lightning bugs were not out as much.  We thought it may have been because the temperature was a bit cooler here in Maryland...rather than very hot the last few days.  You could really hear the crickets and cicadas (or whatever it was) in the tree line of our back yard.  My hubby wanted to get his sleeping bag a sleep outside.  I said, "I'm sorry I need my bed."

2)  I really enjoyed the forty minute drive to bring my daughter to her pool party.  We had a nice conversation in the car.  Oftentimes here in Maryland, we drive our daughters to Virginia as many of their friends live there.  We go on the famous beltway circling DC to get to their houses.  I really can't say it's that famous but you get the idea.  It is just the way life is here in the MD/VA/DC corridor.

3)  It was wonderful the other day to be able to sit outside and get some ideas for the class I'm teaching next year.  I brought all my books out and sat at the table on the back deck because it was not so hot.  I really accomplished much.  Oftentimes it is hard for me to concentrate in the house.  It was a benefit to be able to escape the chores of the house and sit outside in peace and quiet.  Sometimes I go to the library or a nearby coffee shop when I can't go on the back deck because of the weather.

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  1. Love, love, love your list!! Especially #1. It is way too hot in Florida to be able to just sit outside. And #3 - How wonderful to get some solitude and quiet time! Thanks for joining me in this meme!