Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook

It's time for A Simple Woman's Daybook for today July 16, 2013.

Outside my is evening here in Maryland after a scorching hot and humid day.  It is slowly cooling off with the setting sun and the sky is a clear blue.  There is no wind at all and everything is still and quiet outside (the opposite with what is happening in my house).

I am thinking...that it is so ridiculous to here the libs proclaiming racism for everything thing that happens.  It is like a big headache soap opera.  I wish they knew how ridiculous they sound when they do not deal with real issues rationally and try to make everything into a revolution.  I am so worried for the soul of George Zimmerman.

I am thankful...that I have a beautiful family who loves each other and we're here for each other to help each other out.  I've been here to feed my young one and talk to my older children about issues they are facing and to drive my daughter to and from work today.  I get no pay or credit for what I am doing but it means the world to my family and that is all that matters.

In the kitchen...we just finished grill cheese sandwiches as it has been too hot to cook anything.

I am wearing...a maroon Danskin warm up suit that I purchased at Wall Mart.  You can find some real nice items there once in a while that are very inexpensive.

I am creating...crafts and writing prompts for my second grade journal writing class next year.  Please join my MeetUp here if you would like to get ideas.

I am Anytime Fitness to work out in a little while.

I am my oldest son is doing at college as he is going to grad school next year and working on his research paper.  He is back and forth between college and our home during the summer months.  We are only an hour away from his college at University of Maryland.  He will be moving into a new townhouse soon that is just off campus.

I am looking forward to...our vacation coming up the first week in August.  We are going to Ocean City, Maryland.  We have an ocean front beach house.

I am two youngest children playing and the t.v. on quietly.  My husband just got off the phone with someone regarding the swim team that our three youngest children are on.

Around the youngest son is looking for his gummy worms, my husband is answering his cell phone, and my dog is barking.  Earlier today I was very busy cleaning and vacuuming after a busy day yesterday at Hershey Park.  We weren't home yesterday and the house was too messy. 

I am praying...for my second oldest son who is going through a rough time with his girlfriend.

One of my favorite taking a warm bath after a busy day.

A few plans for the rest of the to pick my pictures I had framed up from Michael's and to buy a summer dress for the swim team banquet.

Here is some pictures to share from swim team happenings...

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  1. Thank you for this peek into your world. My family lived in Northern Virginia some 25 years ago, so some of your comments and pictures reminded me of that. We made trips to Ocean City in the summer, although we were not blessed with a beach house like you, so it was a long day of driving with a few hours of playing in the water mid-day. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.