Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Harcourt Science for Second/Third Grade

We finished the first Harcourt Science book in first grade and now we're advancing to the second book in their series.  Kolbe Academy splits the book between third and fourth grades.  Therefore, we will be doing half of the book this year for second grade.  This is because I have my second grader taking on new subjects for Latin and Spelling.  We are also participating in a co-op once a week.  We will not have the time to finish the entire book in one year with these other subjects and activities.  There are 18 chapters in the book and we will be doing 10 of them.  Each chapter comes with a manageable experiment.  Our science will consist as follows:

Life Science

Living Things
-  What Are Cells?
-  What Are Animals?
-  What Are Plants with Seeds?
-  What Are Fungi?

Animal Growth and Adaptations
-  What Are the Basic Needs of Animals?
-  How Do Animals' Body Parts Help Them Meet Their Needs?
-  How Do Animals' Behaviors Help Them Meet Their Needs?

Plant Growth and Adaptations
-  What do Plants Need to Live?
-  How do Leaves, Stems, and Roots Help Plants Live?
-  How do Plants Reproduce?

Human Body Systems (Health)
-  How Do the Skeletal and Muscular Systems Work?
-  How Do the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Work?
-  How Do the Nervous and Digestive Systems Work?

Earth Science

Earthquakes and Volcanoes
-  What Are the Layers of the Earth?
-  What Causes Earthquakes?
-  How Do Volcanoes Form?

-  How Do Fossils Form?
-  What Can We Learn from Fossils?
-  How Do Fossil Fuels Form?

Physical Science

Matter and Its Changes
-  What Are Three States of Matter?
-  How Can Matter Be Measured and Compared?
-  What Are Some Useful Properties of Matter?
-  What Are Chemical and Physical Changes?

Heat - Energy On The Move
-  How Does Heat Affect Matter?
-  How Can Thermal Energy Be Transferred?
-  How is Thermal Energy Produced and Used?

-  What is Sound?
-  Why Do Sounds Differ?
-  How Do Sound Waves Travel?

-  How Does Light Behave?
-  How Are Light and Color Related?

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