Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Homeschool Week

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

It's time for The Homeschool Mother's Journal. Just click on the name to go to this great meme.

In my Life this Week:  We had a beautiful week filled with lots of sunshine.  We tried to finish our work early so we could play outside after we honored Mary at our prayer table.  It's so nice to see my four year old crown Mary with flowers.  Our statue has a halo on Mary and I just bought some miniature craft roses to wrap around the removable halo.  It worked out very nicely.

We also had a nice visit with our mothers for Mother's Day weekend.  Please pray for my mom as she has some health problems that make it hard for her to get around.  She was on the heating pad for part of our visit to her.

In Our Homeschool Week:

Religion: 1) Bread of Life Work (see Teacher Aid section at  2) - The Visitation  3) The Poor Widow journal entry  4) The Last Supper journal entry

English:  1)  Choosing adverbs or prepositions w/ diagramming  2) The colon and present tense w/ diagramming  3) Determining part of speech w/ diagramming

Vocabulary: 1) Completed lesson on words dealing w/ movement  2) Oral Exam

Writing: 1)  Began first draft of IEW paper on short story.  Incorporated Bible verse into paper (Religion).  2) Pre-schooler wrote two journal sentences

Reading: 1) Seton Readers - St. George and St. Francis Xavier  2) Pre-schooler - Catholic National Reader and library books.

Math: 1) Corrections and Multiplying Fractions  2) Converting Units of Weight and Mass  3) Exponents and Powers  4) Finding Equivalent Fractions by Multiplying by 1 and corrections  5) Pre-schooler - MCP Math

Science: 1) Alcohols  2) Esters  3) Biological Chemistry (nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fats)

History: 1) Research and begin to prepare report on Samuel Morse.

Art: 1) Balanced Composition - observed balance in William M. Harnett's painting and made a balanced collage   2) Two Journal drawings and colorings.

Music: Piano Lessons and practice

Health: Exercise - Summer Fitness Plan (lots of swimming)

Physical Educ: 1) Ballet 2) Dance and Movement

Places We're Going/People We're Seeing:  Our co-op families

My Favorite Thing this Week:  My favorite part of the week was the special prayer time we had together.  My daughter reads from "Imitation of Mary" by Alexander de Rouville.  These are beautiful readings on the life and virtues of Mary.

What's Working/Not Working for Us:   Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has been a big help to us this year.  My daughter has already completed fourteen papers just this year using methods from IEW to improve her writing skills.  

Homeschool Questions/Thoughts I have:  There are so many ways to approach writing.  Do you find yourself exploring different methods and jumping around or do you look for patterns to teach your children?  One can do a little bit of both too.

A Link, Photo, or Quote to Share: " Actions are the best interpreters of thoughts."

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