Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F is for Fidelity

It's time to participate in the ABC's of Homeschooling at 5 Kids and a Dog.  This week I have chosen F is for fidelity.  Just click on this name.

Faithfulness to something to which one is bound by a pledge, by duty, or by a sense of what is right or appropriate is one of the greatest benefits to homeschooling young children.  Let your children be living testimonies of their faith for God, family, and country!  My children are living testimonies of their fidelity to things that are good and beautiful in the sight of God.

We are fortunate to be living in an area where our children were able to homeschool up through ninth grade.  Once they reached high school age, they were showing tremendous fidelity to their family and studies.  My two sons needed something more than I was giving them at home.  They were ready to get out into the world and yes, even evangelize and make more friends.  My daughters could homeschool forever but I can not deny them the opportunities they've witnessed in my two sons' education.  This would be unfair.  My boys seem to need community type settings to help them grow to their fullest potential and experience life.

We found a diamond in the rough at a private high school in WDC near my husbands place of employment.  Low and behold, they've established like-minded friends who have this same fidelity toward their work and family at this high school.  My oldest son even graduated salutatorian!  It is their fidelity to Christ who they took with them into their high school years.  Christ was the cornerstone of their homeschooling years and he remained that way in their high school years.  This would be unachievable had they attended a public school.  Also, isn't it good to know that there exists something good in WDC?!

The same is true for my daughter - only she is at an 'all girls' private school.  For example, there is one friend in her group of friends that likes to gossip and spread rumors.  It is sad but this is part of life sometimes.  She spread a false rumor about another good friend of my daughters.  My daughter helped her wounded friend correct the gossip and clear her good name.  She knows how to choose friends that have fidelity toward their relationships and are true believers in what is good and beautiful in the sight of God.  This gossip problem did not occur until recently.   Therefore, we went all year with loyal friendships and successful endeavors.  We are praying for this young girl who gossips because her parents are taking her out of the school next year to go somewhere else.  If you want my opinion, she needs to be homeschooled before it is too late!!!

They've applied this fidelity toward their work habits also.  They've transitioned into these schools quite well and have remained dedicated to doing their academics to the best of their abilities.  This shows in the grades they bring home.  With homeschooling as the method of education in the beginning of their education, they've been able to meet the challenges that life brings them in mature and Christ-like ways of living.  It is homeschooling that set them on the path with a vision for life that keeps Christ at the center of everything they do.

I still have two at home and it remains to be seen if we will send them to these same schools or not.  One is four years old and a lot can happen in ten years.  Schools can change.  Therefore, it is not always possible to find these diamonds in the rough for schools and homeschooling remains a viable option for them.  I completely understand if a family chooses to homeschool through high school.  God has blessed us to find these good Christian high schools in our area.

Our children have witnessed their parents fidelity to eachother, to God, to their work, and to Christ during their lives.  There is too much divorce in our society today.  This is not a good thing.  For example, why are they constantly trying to point out that it is o.k. to have fidelity in a marriage relationship toward someone of the same sex in our county schools?  This is terrible for children!  Homeschooling shows your children that mom and dad have fidelity for eachother and work together for the good of the family.  This is so important for the growth and development of our children.  It is you that your young children need - not a school where other influences can get thrown at a child.  Keep fighting the good fight and the Lord will bless your efforts!  Fidelity is of the utmost importance in the lives of our children!


  1. Yes! Great thoughts on this and you're SO fortunate you have a good Christian high school nearby that you can afford. Ours went to public high school after homeschooling. Two did fine and one... well let's just say it was the worst decision we possibly could have made for her and it's been a long road for her back to having her heart with us. (And she is 16 and attending Running Start at a community college now, rather than high school... it was that bad.) Fidelity is important, but environment is too!
    Dawn @ 5 Kids and a

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter's heart had to be won back. I'm glad you were there to spot the danger and put her back on the right track!