Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

D is for Decisiveness


Join me in the ABC's of Homeschooling.  Just click on this link and it will take you to the letter 'D' for this week. I chose 'D' is for Deciveness.

Homeschooling allows parents the opportunity to help their children have the ability to finalize decisions based on the will and ways of God.  "If any of you is without wisdom, let him ask it from God who gives generously and ungrudgingly to all, and it will be given him." (James 1:5)  From the moment our children wake up to the moment they go to bed at night, they are given the time, instruction, opportunity, and example to direct all their decisions towards virtuous outcomes.  Every day they ask themselves, "What would Jesus do in this situation?"  The public schools do not do this because prayer and God's Word are foreign.  This is especially critical during their elementary years because it is here that they learn to incorporate God's love into their lives.  In other words, it becomes the foundation upon which they build their future decisions when they are older.

It is so important to have the quality of determining a subject of deliberation or putting an end to a controversy by relying on the perfect will of God.  Education without faith becomes a burden and a bore.  Education with faith as the nucleus makes daily tasks purposeful, exciting, and life-giving.  It is faith that gives our children the insight to have the wisdom in choosing the best course of action to take in their daily situations, responsibilities, and encounters.  There is nothing more loving and powerful for a young child to experience their own parents help them make the right decisions to do their work diligently and cheerfully.  This valuable work ethic for the correct attitude toward work comes from real graces poured out from the Holy Spirit that is alive and working in our children. 

Our children not only decide to do their work with the best quality but also put the needs of others at the forefront of their endeavors.  They decide to choose like-minded friends who also have virtuous qualities instilled in them.  Every time our little ones loose their focus, parents direct them back to virtuous ends with loving discipline.  There is not time for getting away with misbehaving or following unruly friends.  Our young ones are like sponges soaking up everything around them.  Their lives are too valuable to encounter classrooms where children are like cogs in a machine - all treated the same way.  Parents respect and honor the individuality of each child and know how to meet their needs to help them make all their decisions on a Godly foundation.

Homeschooling helps our children learn that true wisdom in their decision-making is a gift from God.  They learn that they do not want worldly wisdom but true wisdom.  They know the difference and remain safe from the harm of unruly individuals as they grow because they continue to decide to turn to the Lord in all their endeavors.  They become true disciples in following Our Dear Lord.  Therefore, help your children be decisive with the Lord as their ultimate guide!


  1. The Bible is the only way to decide a situation ~ I agree with you 100%. We just talked about this in our Apologia Bible study this morning. I like your post - and thanks for stopping by mine today, too.


  2. How true! God must be involved in all aspects, especially, learning.

  3. Teaching our kids to make good decisions is probably the #1 most important thing we can do. Even GOOD kids can make bad decisions, so they all need to know how to judge a choice and make the right decisions! Good words today, thanks for linking up!