Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

SOAP - Week 5: Sirach

SOAP: Scripture verse, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

S - "For kindness to a father will not be forgotten, it will serve as a sin offering - it will take lasting root.  In time of tribulation it will be recalled to your advantage, like warmth upon frost it will melt away your sins.  A blasphemer is he who despises his father; accursed of his Creator, he who angers his mother."  (Sirach 3: 14-16)

O - Why would God give us such a strong command to show honor to our parents in this verse?  Doesn't it point out that children and parents are intimately and intricately connected to love and guide eachother for all their earthly lives?  Of course, it is the parent that chooses to give this love to their child initially.  It is the child that learns from their parent how to return that love.  This love is all learned in the midst of important family relationships and environments.

A - I would urge all parents to know their children extremely well to determine when the best time is to encourage more independence and to strengthen the bonds of love between parent and child.  Too many children grow up blaming their parents for all their problems.  This happens when children have been put into environments at too young an age that does not strengthen parental relationships and a strong faith life.  Analyze when the best time to let your young child enter a school environment and be sure they have a solid foundation that proves a committment to putting God and family first.  Homeschooling has become a viable option for our family and has given my children very strong characters that can not be swayed by detrimental factors.  We all start out young and partake in a delicate growth process to adulthood.  These earlier years are critical in establishing important virtues for our success and happiness.  As parents, we need to nurture these early years in the lives of our children.

P - I pray that all parents take the time and opportunity to establish a strong loving bond and strong faith life for their children.

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