Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sabbath Moments

This is a great meme on Colleen's blog to share one's sabbath moments with each other.

1)  My preschooler and I observed a bright red cardinal chirping away in our neighbors tree the other day.  It was a quiet time so one could really focus in on how clear and loudly the cardinal sounded.  I love birds as they bring so much peace and happiness.  Moments like these with little ones instill in them an appreciation of God's creation.  We get so busy sometimes that we need to step away from the work for moments of peace like this. 

2)  Reading part of the Gospel of John where Jesus goes to the Feast of Booths (or Tabernacles).  This is one time Jesus actually told others one thing and he did another.  He told others that he was not going to the feast and later he went alone in secret.  Jesus, I believe, was feeling alot of stress at this point.  Oh, how it must have been agonizing mingling in this crowd which had so many opinions about Jesus' character.  Oh, it must of been getting harder and harder to teach the crowds.  I love you sweet Jesus.  Thank you for teaching us about the Kingdom of God!

3) We were able to say the family rosary together on Sunday together.  This is always a sabbath moment for me.  The rosary is the most powerful prayer there is!  Even though my four year old was rolling around with a beach ball on the rug and laughing, we were able to ignore him most of the time and focus on the prayers.  What is it about little boys and energy?  He kicked the leg of a chair once and almost started to cry.  My husband started mimicking him and his tears quickly turned into laughter.  We all started to laugh and found our prayer places immediately afterwards.  Even though he did not appear to be praying, each beginning of a decade we would quiz him on which mystery it was for the new decade.  He was learning even though he appeared to be 'in another world' at times.


  1. These are wonderful Sabbath Moments. I so enjoy reading how others are finding God in everyday life.

  2. Love your list! I love birds and cardinals are so beautiful! I do not see many where I live. Your family rosary time sounded soo beautiful. I find that family moments like that are great sabbath moments! Reminds me of God! Thanks for joining me in this meme! God bless!