Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is time once again to post to Judy's blog to list the things I am thankful for this past week.  A grateful heart is worth listening to because it instills in our minds the realities and truths of our lives to be put in their proper perspective.  This week I am grateful for:

1)  I am thankful for the dirty dishes I have to clean in my sink.  I can complain about this but know some day when the kids all move out of the house I may not have this responsibility.  Will I miss it?  Right now I don't think I will.  Nevertheless, I try to think of the future and having a clean sink with no kids in the house.  I may miss this, and therefore will turn my complaining into praising!

2)  I am grateful that I was able to see one of my older sons yesterday because he had an orthodontist appointment.  He is in college now and it warms my heart to see either of my older sons as their maturity and wisdom always shines through to rest my heart at ease to see that they are thriving and safe at college.

3)  I am thankful for family members that remembered my birthday.  My four year old was so excited for me.  The chocolate cake is gone now but it was nice to enjoy a piece with a glass of wine.  It is truly a blessing to be remembered on my birthday.  I would trade this in for all the fancy presents in the world. 

4)  I am grateful for the opportunity my husband and I had this past week to declutter and organize much of our basement.

5)  I am grateful for my other blog I thought of creating.  Only I can't figure out how to do things on it to make it work right.  If anyone has extra time on their hands (yea right) to help me - let me know.  I would be very grateful.  I just need to make a header or introduction page and learn how to use Mr. Linky.


  1. Oh children are all grown and gone. Well one is still home but she is senior in high school and rarely home. I miss many things about having all five of them home but the dishes is not one of them.

  2. Yes - I'm letting you see the glamorous life I lead.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful! I'm a bit envious of the basement decluttering...ours is so bad right now, I'm lucky to make it safely to the washer & dryer w/out stepping on a minefield of Legos!

  4. I live in an empty nest myself and I know what you mean. It is good to appreciate every moment. Happy Birthday!

    And, thanks for inspiring us to see our housework as a true BLESSING!
    Google Mr. Linky and it will take you to the page.
    Go to "magical widgets" page.
    Click on "wizard"
    Then just select what you want for your meme. (You'll have to name it)
    It will then show you a "get code" button .
    Click there and copy the html code you see, then paste that into your post where you want a Linky to show.
    Each time you want a new one, you go back and select your meme from the will be there already...and a new code will be provided for each week, or month, or however often you use it.
    As for the header, what platform are you using for your blog? Blogger? Wordpress? Freewebs?

    Are you a member of The Homeschool Lounge online?
    GREAT site for connecting with other moms...but also...there is a "Bloggers" sub-group there where you can get help for all SORTS of blogging issues. You might want to join. It's free...and it's a nice place with many beautiful women to share and fellowship...AND learn more about blogging.