Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Doctor in the House" by Michael Burgess

I just finished reading Michael Burgess' book "Doctor in the House" where it shows how dangerous it is to permit Democrats to take control of Congress and the presidency with a majority because they are unprofessional and unethical in their business ventures.  There were good proposals and alternatives to Obamacare put forth by Republicans that were ignored, turned down, and lied about to the American people.  I just can't imagine working with people like this because it can cause great suffering and even depression.  Michael Burgess is a Republican in Texas that used to be a doctor.  Here are some of his suggestions that were put forth:

1)  Insurance Reform:  In the spring of 2009 Nathan Deal and Michael Burgess introduced HR4019 and HR4020 to the 111th Congress.

-  HR4019: Limiting Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions in all Health Insurance Markets

-  HR4020: Guaranteed Access to Health Insurance Act

2)  Tax Fairness:  HR3218 was Improving Health Care for All Americans Act authored by Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona and consisted of:

(a)  Refundable tax credits for medical costs

(b)  Expansion of access to health insurance coverage through individual membership associations

(c)  Incentivizing creation of high risk pools

3)  Medical Liability Reform:  Mr. Burgess communicated with Obama on several occasions before the passage of the health care reform bill regarding the success of Texas' capping of noneconomic damages

Idaho, for example, established a pre-trial hearing panel to review pending lawsuits which saves tax payers money and lowers liability insurance premiums.  So there are success stories that are ignored.

4)  Portability - 2005:  HR2355 - Health Care Choice Act (re-introduced twice)  which involves the ability to shop for health insurance plans across state lines.

5)  Medicare Payment Reform:  HR3693 - Future Physician Workforce Act (doc-fix legislation) tackled and solved the Medicare reimbursement issue which is a huge liability to all involved.  Obama's plan just feeds into this problem making it worse.

6)  Create Products People Want:  There is no stampede of people rushing to buy the government's HHS attempted monopoly of an insurance policy which builds a national risk pool (copied from Republican idea) around participants.  Mandates have no place in a free society.  There are some brilliant minds in the insurance industry.  Why would one attempt to shut the ideas of others out?  This is also where health savings accounts can apply too.

7)  Price Transparency:  The Healthcare Price Transparency Promotion Act directed states to establish and maintain laws requiring disclosure of information on hospital charges.  Also, hospitals and health plans had to make information available to the public.  Better informed and more empowered citizens make good choices.

8)  Preventive Care and Wellness Programs:  Under Obama's PPACA the cost curve has been bent upward rather than downward (the opposite of what O previously claimed).  Why can't insurance companies be released from restrictive regulations and be allowed to reward healthy life style choices?

9)  Doctors to Care for Americas Patients:  Michael Burgess repeatedly introduced Physician Workforce Enhancement Act.

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