Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum 2012/2013

I'm putting together my first graders curriculum this year for homeschooling in this post.  My two daughters will be enrolled at a Catholic high school and my two oldest sons will be at the University of Maryland.  Therefore, it will just be Patrick and I at home together.  I have some important activities lined up for him so far:

Mondays - Religion Class
Wednesdays - Music Class
Thursdays - Co-op with Journal Writing.  

Below is his curriculum:

1)  Religion:  Our Heavenly Father, Faith and Life Series and I will be teaching his Religion Class using Finding God - Our Response to God's Gifts 1 (This is a wonderful series that teaches our Catholic faith.  It has a text book and simple activity book to work in after we read each chapter.  It is simple enough to complete one chapter lesson in one sitting.)

2)  English:  Kolbe Academy's English 1 - Ignatius Speaks and Writes Series by Dianne Muth and Homeschooling Coop Class:  NOL Journal Writing which I will be teaching. (The Ignatius workbook is simple enough to complete one or two pages per sitting.  NOL Journaling usually gets dispersed through out the week to include:  reading, dialogue on paragraph development, drawing and coloring chosen picture, keyword search in bible, marking parts of speech in sentences created, and logging bible verses learned.)

3)  Phonics:  MCP A (Modern Curriculum Press) - (halfway through:  This workbook is simple enough to complete one or two pages per sitting)

4)  Reading:  Catholic National Reader - New Primer and Book One (halfway through); Story Time Treasures and More Story Time Treasures Primary Reader Study Guides by Memoria Press;  Best Buy Bargain Books - Reading Grades 1-2 (I'm starting out with Story Time Treasures because it is a bit more user friendly than the CNR, although CNR has great moral stories.  Patrick reads a chapter from a story book then completes the workbook. It takes about 35 minutes to complete.)

5)  Math:  MCP Math A (Modern Curriculum Press) and some simple manipulatives - (halfway through:  This is basic math and we complete one page per day.)

6)  Geography:  Map Skills Level C (This is a wonderful workbook and we complete about two pages per week.)

7)  Science:  Harcourt Science - Life Science:  Living Things Grow and Change, Homes for Living Things; Earth Science: Exploring Earth's Surface, Space and Weather; Physical Science: Exploring Matter, Energy in Motion (This book is extremely manageable.  We complete about 4 to 6 great worksheets per lesson dispersed through out the week and conduct a simple experiment with easy to find items.  I can read the lesson and worksheets on the weekend so I can be prepared during the week.  We do not complete a lesson in one sitting.)

8)  History:  The Story of the World:  Book 1, History for the Classical Child, From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor by Susan Wise Bauer  (This is also very manageable as I can read the teachers manual on the weekend to ensure items to be on hand for history projects.  There are comprehension questions and narration included that get dispersed through out the week.  We do not complete a lesson in one sitting.)

9)  Handwriting:  Universal Publishing, Handwriting (One page per sitting)

10)  Latin:  Prima Latina by Leigh Lowe, Classical Trivium Core Series (We complete 1 to 2 pages per sitting.)

* The four items that take more than 1 sitting to complete are history, science, NOL Journals, and Finding God.  Everything else is in a workbook format except CNR.  The geography workbook, latin workbook, history text, science text, and Finding God workbook have teachers manuals.)

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