Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wiggly Patrick

With the school year starting up, I'm sharing some of the things I would do with my five year old to keep him busy and/or entertain him.  He occasionally requests to do a science experiment by mixing some odd things together in the kitchen.

Provide ingredients:  flour, sugar, sprinkles, salt, pepper

Food coloring and water
Let them add the ingredients from little bowls and a spoon
Let them stir 'til their hearts content

Patrick's yucky creation

This is Patrick's 'Science Experiment' while I'm attending to other matters to keep him busy.  He loves to see all the ingredients get mixed together for this yucky creation.

We also took time to go to a local pet shop that has little rooms where you can get to meet the pets.  This is not our dog as our dog, Abby, passed away not too long ago.  We went in one of the little rooms where Patrick could play with a pup while my daughter was at a class.

Just some ideas to help your days and outings go smoothly.  Think ahead in your schedules and maybe there is a pet shop near the location you will be while your out and about.  Sparingly use on hand kitchen ingredients to keep your little ones busy if you have to attend to other matters.

I have not enrolled Patrick (first grade) in any sports yet this year but he will be on the swim team next summer.  My husband will be involved in cub scouts with him, and he will be in a music class with me.  He is wiggly and keeping him active is good.  What activities are your young boys involved in this year?

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