Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is time to list what I am thankful for this week and post onto Judy's blog.  This is a wonderful way to stay motivated to serve the Lord in all we do.

1.  I am also thankful for this post with fellow bloggers this week because I really need it.  I have to apologize though because I don't know how to do much with my blog to make it prettier.  Everyone has such blogging talent but me.  I would like my blog to bring peace to your souls with some nice background and images but, I'm sorry for not knowing how to do this yet.

2.  I am grateful that I didn't end up getting the library books I picked out the other day because the library clerk did not give me a break for returning my books two days late.  I think I just came at the wrong time.  By not checking out new books, I eliviated any additional charges that could take place in the future.  This is because this library is further away and harder to get to.  Most of the librarians there know me and know this and understand.  They usually do not charge me if I'm a little late.  This particular clerk I've never seen and did not seem as customer service oriented.  Anyway, I am looking on the bright side of things to feel confident in my decision not to check the new books out.  I need to be thankful for this instead of feeling upset because I was served by someone who was less understanding.  I was not angry by this little mishap, just took constructive action which is not always easy for me to do.  I returned about 20 books so you can see how the charges add up.

3.  I am very grateful that my two college-going sons have been able to attain on-campus housing next year with some good friends to roommate with.  I've heard stories of people who have had bad roommates and it makes things very awkward and difficult.  You do not know how happy I am about this!  It is so important to me that my sons are happy and comfortable while they are away from home. 

4.  I am so thankful that my PTSD that flaired up on Monday did not continue on into Tuesday.  I had a very rough day on Monday and Tuesday turned out to be a great day because I went up on my meds.  As you can see,  rough things have happened to me this week and I'm trying to 'look on the bright side!'  It is so good to be thankful.  Thank you for this meme Judy.

5.  I am very grateful for my National Catholic Reader for my four year old.  He is really starting to take off with reading.  It is funny because he doesn't realize he can read - but once he gets going - it appears to be easy for him.  Don't you love to see your little ones begin to read themselves?  It is so awesome.  He is also such a joy for me.  I asked him the other day why he was playing with daddy's wrench.  He said, "I'm a fix-it man."  I love his little statements through out the day that make all of us smile.


  1. {{{Cyber Hugs}}} heading your way, Eileen! Great job of looking at the positives in the tough times this week!

    A thought about the library - do they have a website that can help manage your books? Ours has been such a life saver for me at long as no one has the item on reserve, I can renew it online. If I wanted, I could even set it up so that I can get an email when due dates are coming up.

  2. Thank you munchesmom. I just called the library and talked to someone I knew and they reduced my fine tremendously. I have to check my e-mail more often - yes your right. I'm just not computer savvy - yet.

  3. Glad you were able to get your fine reduced. I do the same as munchesmom. As for your blog look, dont worry about the fancy stuff. Your blog looks great. I enjoy reading your blog and that is the important thing.
    I know what you mean about worrying about your college sons. My son was fortunate enough to find good roommates too!
    Sorry about your PTSD. Hugs!