Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Homeschool Week

Please post to  The Homeschool Mother's Journal to talk about your week of homeschooling.  I am learning how to blog and do not yet know how to post pictures on my blog good yet.  Nevertheless, I thought I would share this from Kolbe Academy years ago when they published my two sons journal entries in their newsletter.  I'm sorry I can't make it larger but if you would like to see my four year old's progress this year go to or see my website at and learn more about my approach to writing.  It is a fun way to teach your children. 

In my life this week:  My two college age sons were home on their spring break.  It is really wonderful to see them and know they are doing well.  This caused a bit of a rift in my younger children's homeschooling endeavors but was well worth it.  I love to see my older sons bonding with their younger brother.  We had an awesome dinner tonight as we bought take out Chinese food.  We rarely do this.  My husband and high school daughter went to a dinner theatre with the Fathers Club at her high school tonight.  All my children have been homeschooled up until ninth grade.  I have two currently at home with me.  Homeschooling has made all the difference in the world for us.  My children are always giving me reasons to rejoice when I see the friends they make and their virtuous work habits to achieve positive academic results.

In our homeschool this week

Math:  We worked on Estimating Answers, Subtracting Fractions from a Whole Number Greater than One, and the Number Line with Addition and Subtraction. 

English:  The Degree of Comparison of Adverbs and the Correct use of Predicate Adjectives and Adverbs along with diagramming. 

Vocabulary: Words dealing with Honesty, Fairness, and Openness (for example:  the word genuine). 

Reading: "A Long Way from Welcome" by Echo Lewis and our National Catholic Primer. 

Religion:  Learning and writing about parables in Luke 10 (The Good Samaritan and Mary and Martha). 

Health:  Learning about nutrients like calcium, iron, and sodium with their functions and food sources. 

Art:  Learning about composition by analyzing artistic paintings of Nicolas Poussin and Antoine Watteau and Using our senses while painting various shapes, colors, and textures by analyzing art work by Martin Johnson Heade.

History:  Various wars during the American Revolution in the Northeast from 1776 - 1777 and the Articles of Confederation in 1777 for History. 

Science:  Hydrocarbons and finishing up a Science project for our co-op class. 

Music:  Piano Lessons

Physical Ed.:  Ballet and Dance and Movement

Places we're going and people we're seeing:  We are taking our dog on longer walks with the warmer weather here.  We walk through 'the boy scout path.'  My four year old loves this.  It is a cut through the woods to a rocky road beside a farmer's field.  We also went to piano lessons and love seeing the families in our weekly co-op.  As mentioned earlier, we were blessed by the prescence of my two college sons this past week.  We were able to see my son's girlfriend a couple of times too.  We also were able to see some of their friends who were home.  One of their good friends broke his leg playing soccer.  They visited him often and we sent our prayers his way.  It was so good to have family prayer time together with them again.

My favorite thing this week:  was the successful class I taught at co-op.  I teach a dance and movement class to the preschoolers.  I love it when things go smoothly in this class and it is such a joy to see the little ones having fun and learning their Faith.  I also loved seeing my college boys at home for a little while.  It is a funny thing that after they use the car, I listen to the radio station they played if I use the car after them.  I think it makes me feel younger.

Whats working/Not working for us:  I need to phase into my homeschool week some Science for kindergarten age.  Years ago I did this with my older sons and it worked extremely well.  I need to make time for it once again.  I can also use some good reading material ideas for kindergarten age and sixth grade.  I would like to sign my sixth grader up for an on-line writing program next year too to learn other techniques in writing.

Homeschool Questions/Thoughts I have:  I tend to teach writing at an earlier age than many teachers/moms.  I do not understand how so many do not believe grammar is important.  I've always taught grammar concepts along with writing. 

A link, photo, or quote to share:  My link to share is up above.  I do not know how to put photos from my camera onto my blog yet.  Therefore, I will share this quote:

"All the world is a stage" and some of us get stage fright.

My daughter picked this out for me from her 'Attitude in a Jar' - 365 positive attitudes.

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