Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is time to post what I am thankful for this week onto Judy's blog.  It is so heartwarming to hear what is happening in the lives of others who are trying to raise their families to be good stewards for the Almighty.  Family life takes on many twists and turns and I am filled with joy when I here of the grateful events in the lives of others.  Here are the things I am thankful for this week:

1)  I am grateful for the Calendar Wall Chart and Number Line Math Activity Chart for my four year old.  I purchased them from  I still need wall space for one of them as it is laying on a table instead of hanging on the wall.  Nevertheless, both of these items are wonderful because they utilize small cardboard numbers and items slipped into plastic pockets.  There is no tape, velcro, push pins, etc. that is needed for Patrick to handle.  They are extremely user friendly and help Patrick understand concepts of time and math.

2)  I am grateful that my highschool daughter was off school last Wednesday so she could visit with her homeschool co-op friends.  I know she enjoyed seeing them again. We are a family who care deeply about our friends and are not into leaving people behind and forgetting past memories.  Good friends are hard to come by and we believe in cherishing and nurturing these friendships to last a lifetime.

3)  I was also grateful that one of the other co-op moms was able to watch Patrick while I ran home during lunch to get the Teacher's Manual for class I had to teach middle schoolers.  We had an interesting discussion on the six events that took place leading up to the Revelutionary War:  1) 1770:  The Boston Massacre  2) 1772:  Burning of the Gaspee  3) 1772:  Committees of Correspondence  4) 1773:  Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party  5) 1774:  Intolerrable Acts  6) 1774:  First Continental Congress.  I am so thankful that I had a wonderful mom to trust with Patrick and enough time to retrieve the Teacher's Manual.  There is something to be said about friends who you can trust to leave your children with if you have to leave for some reason!

4)  I am thankful for the warmer weather we had on Monday.  It gives me hope for a wonderful spring time to come.  Yesterday and today were rainey days in Maryland but at least it wasn't snowing here.  My mother said she had some snow flurries in West Virginia.  Signs of warmer weather keep me hoping for the greater things in life!

5)  I am grateful for the little dance and movement class I teach the little ones at our co-op.  The children really enjoy letting off some of their energy as we use bean bags, rhythm sticks, and scarves to dance and march around our excercise mat.  The Lord has lead me to weave in simple lessons about the Faith into this class regarding Creation, Baptism, & Knowing, Loving, and Serving the Lord.  These Faith-based lessons also give the children a breather in between songs that require movement.


  1. How sweet it must be to teach dance and movement to little ones. They have no inhibitions like us grown ups do. I am anxiously awaiting spring as well. It's been a very long winter.

  2. Great list. I love the signs of the coming of spring!
    I loved history classes when I was a kid. My favorite subject was the Revolutionary War!
    Friends are very special, a blessing.