Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple Woman

Today I'm participating in A Simple Woman's Daybook.  It is a great way to record and share thoughts and make plans for one's week.

1)  Outside my Window...It is overcast here in Maryland with a very light sprinkle of rain.  My hubby and I just went for a relaxing walk in our neighborhood before the rain came.

2)  I am Thinking...It will be nice when my daughter can stop life guarding and commit her time to her studies.  Today is her last day on the job for the summer.

3)  I am Thankful for...The Rosary that we say as family prayers every Sunday.

4)  From the Learning Rooms...I am planning to do my son's journal, Catholic National Reader, and Science - Plants Grow and Change / We'll classify leaves.

5)  From the Kitchen...We will be grilling hamburgers tonight for Labor Day holiday.

6)  I am Wearing...Comfy purple shorts and a grey t-shirt

7)  I am Creating...A craft project for our first co-op class.

8)  I am Going...To Engineering Graphics to get some things laminated

9)  I am Reading...Behind the Lodge Door, Church, State, and Freemasonry in America by Paul A. Fisher

10)  I am Hoping...that I can keep up the pace with driving my daughters to private school every morning and homeschooling my first grader.

11)  I am Wondering...If the arthritis pain will go away so that I can walk more to lose some weight.

12)  I am Hearing...Hubby type, kids play, and an airplane in the distance

13)  A few plans for the rest of the Week...Finally be able to buckle down and homeschool my son without having to run out in the afternoons.

14)  I am Pondering...if we will get another dog after ours just past away about a month ago.  The picture I'm sharing is our trip to a local pet shop. My son named this puppy "Jack."

15)  Pictures to Share...

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