Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Homeschool Week

The Homeschool Mother's Journal is a great place to keep track of our homeschool weeks and share ideas with each other.

In my life this week...we've been totally blessed with beautiful Autumn weather this week in Maryland.  The leaves have fallen off many trees and today there is a breeze that blows leaves in a swirling motion through out our town.  The only rainy week day we had this week was Thursday.  All the other days were gorgeous.  Therefore, we took time to play outdoors in the yard whenever we got the chance.

In our homeschool week...

***Math - (Middle School) - Problems about Equal Groups, Math Test, Corrections and Writing Equation Patterns, Rounding Whole Numbers and Estimating. (Kindergarten)  -  Adding and Subtracting

***English - (Middle School)  -  Exam, Singular and Plural Possessive with Diagramming, Verb Conjugation with Diagramming.  (Kindergarten)  -  Created and wrote two sentences for journals choosing nouns and verbs initially and MCP Phonics.

***Religion - Discussed John 9:1-38 where Jesus cures the man born blind and John 12:46 which tells us that Jesus came as light into the world.  We discussed what it means to have Faith (entrusting, believing, relying on Holy Spirit's help, and responding.  Also how following Jesus helps those walking in spiritual darkness).  Also prayed decade of rosary and devotion every day.  (Kindergarten)  -   Read two Bible stories and recorded them in journals.

***Vocabulary - (Middle School) - Completed Lesson on words meaning usual and unusual.

***History - (Middle School)  -  Read Text and completed Workbook on Presidents of the Gilded Age (1876-1901/after Reconstruction)  Also took exam on Civil War Era.  I have found that quizing my daughter for her History Exam has shown us a very important lesson in her verbal skills and instilled a lesson in an effective way to communicate to others.

***Science - (Middle School)  -  Read Lesson on Gases. Also completed vocabulary and workbook.   (Kindergarten)  -  Conducted two experiments on 'How Air Expands when it is Heated' and recorded findings.  They involved putting a large empty juice bottle with a balloon attached over the opening into a bowl of boiling water.  The balloon was floppy and rose after it was inserted into the water.  We also cut a snake-like long strip of paper out and taped a string to one end.  We held it over a light bulb, candle, and near the fire place (supervision please) to see the paper swirl around near heated air.

***Writing - (Middle School)  -  Completed Final Drafts on Geography and Writing papers.  (Kindergarten)  -  Wrote sentences in journals.

***Latin - (Middle School)  -  Work on Person, Tense, and Translation.

***Reading  -  (Middle School)  -  Read and complete more Lessons on St. Francis Xavier and St. Cyril.  Also reading novel "Escape from Warsaw" for History.  (Kindergarten)  -  Read Early Readers and stories from CSC.

***Art - Drew and colored pictures in journals.

***Music and Phys. Ed. - Piano Lesson and Ballet Lesson.

***Geography - Map Skills - Understanding and Using Road Maps, Map Indexes and Map Grids

I am inspired by...all the friends I saw this week.  They are all such wonderful people.  I always feel 'at home' with them because we go through similar situations during our weeks.  If is fun to share and discuss areas of concern with all of them.  I am also inspired by my middle schooled child who volunteered to read my five year old a story along with his 'Resurrection Eggs' the other night when I was too tired to do it.

Places we're going and people we're seeing...On Friday we were able to attend the play at my daughter's Catholic high school.  Don't worry - I homeschooled her up until ninth grade.  She is now doing very well at this private school that is unlike the conveyor belt schools.  The play was called "The Little Princess" and was very well done.

My favorite thing this week...Spending time with my two daughters before the play.  We went to the mall (which doesn't happen often) and walked around window shopping.  We were also able to eat dinner out (which doesn't happen often) together while hubby was home with my five year old son.  It was a nice change.  The play was awesome and very enjoyable.  We are truly fortunate to be part of this 'diamond in the rough.'

Questions/thoughts I have...How do you keep a prepared environment for your homeschool efforts?  I make space and it often disappears!  Are there simple ideas you can share?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

"You can't pour out what doesn't get poured in." 

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