Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grandma Bette's Thanksgiving Stuffing

Last night I made my mom's Thanksgiving stuffing ahead of time.  It is very easy but takes time because you have to chop a lot of celery and onions up.  This is what I did:

1)  Put 2 large frying pans on the stove to brown 2 lbs. of sage ground sausage in each pan.  1 lb. sausage in one pan and 1 lb. sausage in the other pan.  (Turn burner off when browned)

2)  While that was browning, I washed to bunches of celery in the sink and then proceeded to chop it up and put it in a large bowl.

3)  Afterwards, I chopped 5 medium onions up and put that into the bowl and mixed the celery and onions up.

4)  Then I divided the celery and onion in half - putting each half into one of the frying pans with the ground up sausage.

5)  I turned the frying pans back on to cook and soften the onions and celery also adding some poultry seasoning to taste.  Remember to put a good amount of margarine on top of the mixtures to melt and help cook.

6)  Once the onions and celery shrink down, it simmers for an hour or so.

7)  Immediately after it was done simmering, I added the desired amount of breadcrumbs.

8)  All the flavors are melding together in the refrigerator until Thanksgiving day.  You can reheat this stuffing in the bird, on the stove, a double boiler, or gradual heat in the microwave.

This is a very tasty recipe.  Later, I will try to post a picture of it.

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