Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Treasured Moments


Erin from Australia has a wonderful meme where you can post some of the treasured moments you've experienced during your week.  Here are some of mine:

1)  Reading picture books from the library to my four year old today.  We read Little Rex, Big Brother by Ruth Symes; Even More Parts by Tedd Arnold; and Noodles the Puppy by Hans Wilhelm.  Little Rex was a wonderful story for a little one who wants to be BIG and realizes in the end that it is good to have a gentle side.  Patrick loved to relate Rex to his older brothers who love him dearly.  Even More Parts is a funny story about idioms.  Patrick knows what idioms are now and he did a journal entry about 'putting your foot in your mouth.'  He was laughing aloud as we read together.  Noodles the Puppy is a reader.  He is just learning how to read and I had to help him along but he did fairly well.

2)  Having the time to post this was very treasured to me.  My husband took the dog for a walk with my two daughters.  I don't mind walking the dog either but not in cool weather.  It needs to be a bit warmer.  I know how treasured father daughter moments can be.  I remember - I was a daughter once too!

3)  Having a break to go to the local coffee shop to grade my daughter's Math and Vocabulary homeschooling work.  I need to 'escape' to be able to grade effectively because I am out of range from my four year old and away from the mess!

4)  Knowing my college sons have good, trustworthy, faithful friends while they are in college.  Every time we meet their friends we are so impressed!  It is true that they need some buddies during their college experience if they are living on campus.

5)  Saying rosary today together as a family.  I love to hear my four year old try to say the 'Hail Mary.'  His voice is so cute and precious and I love the innocence he brings to all of us.  He even know the first Glorious Mystery.  He said, "the Resurrection."  That's a big word for a little guy!  We were all amazed!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy to see you joining in Erin's is one of my favorites!
    What a GREAT idea to head to the coffee shop for grading...I must consider this for myself...never thought of it...but I LOVE the idea!
    It amazes me how well-grounded and true to their faith your grown children have stayed while in the world of the "college campus". This is truly a blessing.

  2. Yes Judy - University of Maryland has a Catholic Student Center that is very good. U of MD is not too far from PA if any of your children are interested in attending there. One of my sons goes to a Bible study every week and they both attend Mass.