Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eileen is Grateful

It is time to post to Judy's blog this week to list five things I am thankful for.  It is a wonderful meme because our priest just talked about the beatitudes this past Sunday and they are all about 'Counting Our Blessings.'  Listing things I am thankful for helps me put things in their proper perspective rather than letting little mishaps get me down in the dumps.  Following the beatitudes help us to be more holy also.

1)  I am so thankful for the library I go to in a neighboring county (once again).  Our local library had only one book in the whole county library system that would help my high school daughter with her English paper.  The neighboring county's one library had four excellent books that I was able to pick up the other day.  The librarian there was all smiles and so helpful.  I expressed how thankful I was for her service!  What a joy to see someone who loves to serve!

2)  I went to a local store to pick up seeds for my sixth grade daughter's Science project.  This was the first time I went to this store.  Low and behold - they had the little stands with pretty decorative flags to hang on them out in front of your house.  I bought a stand and a flag for February with hearts on it.  I've always wanted one of these.  One day, I'll learn how to put pictures on my blog to show you.

3)  I am so grateful that I lost three pounds last week.  I just kept my calorie intake to 1000 calories per day.  It took an entire week and much of it is water weight but I feel much better.  Now if only I can continue...

4)  I am thankful for the time with other homeschool moms at Starbucks on Monday night.  Many of the moms from our homeschool co-op were there.  We had a very nice time and learned some new ideas for teaching our kids.  For example, next year I might look into a good writing program for my to be seventh grade daughter.

5)  I'm thankful for our co-op that started back up after 4 weeks of cancellations due to snow and sickness.  I got my dance and movement class for the little ones moved to another time.  I am not used to it yet but am sure the change will be o.k.  It was a little helter skelter today because my partner mom who teaches with me was out.  That caused a riff in my schedule of events.  Pray that my partner teacher can continue to come to co-op without making too many last minute no shows.  It is harder to teach the class when this happens.  I am glad I went ahead and purchased a teachers manual for this class so that I can be better prepared when this happens.


  1. Love your list. Congrats on losing those 3 pounds! It is sooo hard to do! I can imagine it is nice to get together with other homeschool moms and get ideas. A good library is one of my favorite places!

  2. Congratulations on the loss of 3 lbs! Starbucks is a great place to share homeschool ideas! I'm glad things worked out for #5 & that you were able to start back up again. Hope you're having a great weekend!