Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Keeping Track of Schedules

I have decided to record my schedule, diet, and exercise daily since so often I forget what I've done during the day.  When this happens, I feel like I haven't accomplished enough.  It helps me so much when I make a record of what I've done.

We've started Latin today by Memoria Press.  It will really help my son understand his grammar better too.  He enjoys Latin.  I'm a little late starting, but I credit starting today with my ability to keep a daily record of my schedule.  The declensions in Latin bring the reality of grammar to the forefront.

We also enjoy the writing program from Memoria Press.  It takes us through Recognition, Reversal, and Suffering in the fables and provides some Sentence Variations for us.  It also goes through Outlining.

I love the vocabulary we have from Loyola Press.  It contains much more advanced words and great exercises for him to complete.

The English workbook is great from Loyola Press.  It is also preparing him for his Latin by focusing on differences between Subjects, Subject Compliments, Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, and Objects of Prepositions in the beginning of the book.

We are coming to the end of using his third grade Math books from Christian Light Publications and I have to decide whether I want to switch him to Saxon or not yet.  I really liked this series as my son would sing while he did his Math.  He thoroughly enjoyed it.

As one can see, my day is filled with homeschooling my son. I should record a place for cleaning on my form as we also cleaned my son's bedroom a bit today.  Anyway, keeping track of my schedule helps me tremendously and I will try harder to do this daily.

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