Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - September 2, 2014

Managing Your Blessings

I am sharing the beginning of our homeschool journey this year 2014 and posting to The Homeschool Mother's Journal. and Weekly Wrap-Up.

In my life this week...We moved my daughter into her college dorm as a freshman at University of Maryland.  It was good to see her roommate and meet her parents.  My daughter and her roommate knew each other from the youth group at our church and decided to room together at college.  My two sons attending the same university came to help my daughter move in to her dorm.  The entire family was there wishing my daughter the best of luck at college.  She is majoring in nursing.  Her roommate is majoring in journalism.  I am so excited for her.  She seems to be adjusting well.

We also attended the first University of Maryland home football game.  All three of our college children came to our tailgate to visit us.  It was so good to see them again.  I finally saw where my two sons live.  I call there room a little bungalow.  It is a house off campus with eight young men sharing the space.  My two sons have a nice quiet room on the top floor.  There laptops are on a table facing a nice window.

In our homeschool week...we were able to make a cell for science with jello which is the cytoplasm. The malted milk ball is the cell's nucleus, raisins represent mitochondria, and colored candies are vacuoles.  Then for plant cells we added green olives for chloroplasts.

 We also started our writing for the fable stage where my son wrote a paragraph on The Ant and the Chrysalis.  He is in third grade this year and is doing very well.

Places and People...We started our Classical Conversations Homeschool Coop and it went very well.  There are five girls and four boys in Patrick's class. They studied/memorized part of a historical timeline, geography of five states and capitals, science for four types of tissue, a historical fact about Christopher Columbus, times tables for math, four Latin prepositions, Infinitives for English, drawing using shapes and lines for art, and a bible verse.  They also each did a short presentation in front of the class.

My favorite thing...Was definitely tailgating with my children at the Maryland football game.  Unfortunately, I could not stay for the game because I did have a headache and had to come home after tailgating.  At least I was there for the fun part...even though I didn't feel quite up to par.  I just thought the loud game would make my headache worse.

A photo...Here my daughters and I are at the end of swim team season this summer.

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