Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Homeschool Week

Two Daughters on Swim Team

My Awesome Tiger Scout

I am participating in The Homeschool Mothers Journal this week.  Here is a recap of my week.

In my Life this Week.....I am so proud of my swimmers and scout this year.  As a gift to them we just got a new puppy.  She is adorable and her name is Bella.  It is both a challenge and a joy to see my six year old interact with our new puppy.  At one point, I was so busy that I almost forgot an important appointment.  Bella is sometimes like having another child.  New puppies sure keep one busy.  My son spends a good part of his days laughing and playing with Bella.  I love to see and hear his laughter!!!

Welcome Bella!
In our Homeschool Week.....

Pledge, Devotion, and Prayers: 1) A child conquers evil with good. (Romans 12:21); A child learns a valuable lesson from a bad behavior. (Romans 16:19); A child learns to pray for others who make fun of her. (Matt 5:44-45); Kids return a lost wallet. (Phil 2:15); A child learns not to judge others because of differences. (1 Peter 2:1); Twins go through surgery for a kidney transplant and are not afraid. (1 Cor 15:57); Mysteries and one decade of the rosary every day.

Reading:  Finished William Bradford Pilgrim Boy by Bradford Smith.  This was an excellent book and I highly recommend it to any young elementary age student.  We even made connections to a previous novel about the Mayflower.

Religion - Lent, Holy Week, Easter preparations:

- Visual of the liturgical calendar which shows 40 days of Lent from Ash Wednesday through Holy Thursday and Holy Week to Easter Sunday. 

- Compared Easter representing 'New Life' to visual of Crucifixion by artist Emil Parrag

- Spoke about and observed changes at Mass:
   1) Purple plain linens
   2) A few less songs
   3) No Alleluia
   4) No flowers on Alter
   5) Simple decorations

*This is symbolic for Christ's suffering in the desert 40 days.

- Pages 161-172 in workbook referencing Psalm 1:3 and John 13:1-15

NOL Journal Writing and Art:
- Read Three Bags Full by Ragnhold Scamell
- Drew and colored journal picture
- Completed Topic sentence then rest of paragraph for draft
- Edited paragraph
- Completed Final copy and referenced 1 Sam 16:7

NOL Co-op Class:
- Read What is Love? by Robbie Marantz for VALENTINES DAY
- Drew, glued, and colored journal picture
- Completed Topic sentence and referenced 1 Cor 13

English:  More Adjectives

Math:  Working with tens and hundreds, graphs, money, regrouping, speed drills, word problems, measuring, shapes, greater/less than, patterns, time, fact families, order, adding 3 digits

Geography:  Used Atlas for Climate Map of U.S. to make our own climate map and key

Science:  Forces and Motion
- Pushes and Pulls
- Magnets
- Measuring Motion
   * Made a ramp and measured the distance toy car traveled
- Friction

History:  The Early Greeks
- The Mycenaeans
- The Greek Dark Ages
   * Painted Greek vase, map work, oral questions, and quiz

Helpful Homeschooling Tips/Advice.....If you are not feeling well, it is helpful to stay home and take things slow.

I am inspired daughters dedication to their education and sport, a devout priest we spoke with recently, and my college son who visited us with his girlfriend yesterday.

Places we're going and people we're seeing.....A session for the eighth graders to have interviews for a prestigious award at their Catholic school.  We are always impressed with the speakers.  One alumni spoke who had just finished college and pointed to the virtues in their Catholic high school as guiding her through college and giving her hope for the future.  She realized that this high school is what kept her grounded and virtuous during her college years.  This is so good for parents to hear.  The principal of the school also gives very philosophical and heart warming speeches.  It is quite awesome.

I'm grateful for.....God letting me live until I'm 50 years old on this earth and for all the loving children I meet and teach.

Things I'm working on.....CCD class went very well when we talked about Lent.  Nevertheless, there was so much excitement that no body raised their hands enough to speak.  Therefore, I'm going to create a chart to reward all the students with stickers when they raise their hands to speak.

I'm praying for.....Some friends and my two oldest college sons and all the adults in the world.

Hubby is, shrimp, and crab cakes

My favorite thing this week.....Doing our morning devotion and prayers with a cuddly new puppy to snuggle with while we pray.

Photos to share.....

Some science ideas and teaching the young simple economics with a systems view.


  1. We're studying Ancient Greece in our homeschool as well :)
    Stopping in from ihomeschool. Have a good next week.

  2. Wow! You always accomplish so much with your children. It is really very impressive. It sounds like a great week, especially with the new puppy. :-) Have a great weekend. God bless, Lisa :-)

  3. Sounds like a very busy week! Praying that your next week is productive.

    Suburban Farm Girl