Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, November 2, 2012

My Homeschool Week

It's time for a Homeschool Mother's Journal and I would like to share with you what we've been doing the past couple of weeks because my first grader and I both have colds and have had to take things a bit slower.   Just click on this link to participate.

In my life these past couple of weeks...

We've been blessed to be able to attend my daughter's Junior Ring Ceremony at her Catholic school.  It was very good to mingle with other Christian parents and teachers.  The girls all enjoyed the fellowship and luncheon together.  My son and I both got colds the following week and have been homeschooling at a slower pace during this week.  It was nice here in Maryland when my daughters were home from school and my husband was home from work this past Monday and Tuesday during the hurricane enabling me to rest a bit while they played with my first grader.  This cold really wiped me out for a few days.

In our homeschool weeks...

Religion:  The Annunciation, the liturgical calendar, four saints, fourteen bible verses, the Trinity

English, Journal Writing, and Art:  singular and plural nouns and verbs, compound words, proper and common nouns.

Completed craft and paragraph for Doctor Meow's Big Emergency by Sam Lloyd referencing Matt. 25:36 and marked parts of speech in sentences.

Completed art work and paragraph for The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde H. Swift focusing on 1 Sam 17, Matt 25: 23, and Prov 16: 18 and marked the parts of speech in sentences.

Read these two stories, completed art work and paragraphs, chose keywords and looked up bible verses, and marked parts of speech in sentences.

Science:  Habitats for Plants and Animals - learned about land habitats of forests, rain forests, tundras, and deserts; water habitats for oceans and ponds; animal adaptations consisting of camouflage, migrating, hibernating, estivating, and body coverings; and discussed how plants and animals help each other.

 - Wrote paragraph on how a squirrel meets its needs through food, shelter, and adaptations
 - Matching work of animals to their appropriate habitat
 - Classifying animals according to their environments
 - Describing different land habitats
 - Predicting weather changes to an environment
 - Understanding differences in water habitats
 - Forming hypothesis on which animals are easier to see as seasons change
 - Quiz on five types of animal adaptations
 - Observing differences between a tundra and a rain forest
 - Describing a food chain
 - Distinguish between animals using plants as food or shelter
 - Describe how an animal can help a plant grow
 - Describe desert, forest, tundra, and rain forest
 - Distinguish between facts and non-facts about water habitats

Read about changes in habitats due to droughts, floods, pollution, litter, endangered animals, reuse, and recycling:  How weather changes habitats, How pollution changes environments, and How people help the environment.

History:  The First Sumerian Dictator, The Jewish People, Hammurabi and the Babylonians:  map work, tests, projects of making Joseph's Coat of Many Colors out of an old shirt and fabric paint and made a Babylonian Ziggurat from old cereal boxes and paint.

Map Skills:  Reading Political Maps - Identifying cities, states, and boundaries and reading Physical Maps - Identifying rivers, lakes, oceans and land elevation.

Math:  Adding, Subtracting, and Adding coins/money

Helpful homeschooling tips/advice...

When family members are not feeling well, take things at a slower pace to give everyone the needed rest required to get better.

I am inspired by...

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

We'll be seeing my two college sons at the University of Maryland football game tomorrow at our tailgate.

I'm grateful for...

my hubby for driving my daughters into school today as well as driving them home.  We usually share the responsibility but with Patrick sick...he sacrificed today to do all the driving.

A photo to share...

My daughter's Junior class

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  1. I love your weekly wrap up and wondered if you'd be interested in taking part in my weekly feature, "Who Home Schools?" Send me an email if you'd like more information. -Savannah