Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, November 2, 2012

3 in 30


I'm linking up with 3 in 30 today to put some goals for the month of November into perspective.  My October goals all went well as I took care of my health by seeing the neurologist (my carpal tunnel is not serious), had lessons planned for my weekly co-op classes and religious education classes in a timely manner, completed five college visits for my junior in high school, and cleaned the house for good news on our appraisal. Health and education will continue into November but I choose to focus more on cooking rather than cleaning in November.  My goals will be:


1)  Find some good recipes for Thanksgiving.  I make a good stuffing with pears in it and my hubby cooks the bird and mashes the potatoes.  I want to find more yummy recipes for our feast because nothing is going to stop me from thanking the Lord for what we have in this country on this holiday.  I also have to make two Friendship Bread recipes a week for gifts to family and friends.  I bought the jars for the ingredients and need to make recipe cards and nice notes to go along with the gifts.

2)  I need to continue to prepare my lessons for our co-op and religion classes.  We stop co-op during January and February but continue through December with breaks during the holidays.  Therefore, I may need to come up with some fresh ideas as to some new crafts and stories before the long break.

3)  I need to continue to do my back and leg stretches for ten minutes a day.  It has really helped me feel much better.  The best time for me to do this is in the morning right before we say our morning offering and rosary decade with the five daily mysteries.  I've had some pain in the past and the medicine the neurologist gave me for RLS and these exercises really seem to help me.  I continue to occasionally wear my wrist braces for carpal tunnel at night.


  1. That is a great idea to organise your goals for the month!

  2. You've got great goals for this month! And good for you, planning ahead for Thanksgiving!

  3. Great goals!! I am starting to plan for Thanksgiving, too, but am not sure how ambitious I will be. I often just stick to what's easy! We start our homeschool year early so that we can take December off completely, so I will be making sure to finish everything we need to before January.