Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Homeschool Blessings

I am participating in Judy's meme at Homeschool Blessings to list five reasons why I am thankful to homeschool my young children.

1)  During weeks that have holidays, we can school at a more relaxed pace so that I can clean and cook for company coming.  I do not have the mentality to do it all at once but need to clean and prepare food little by little for our big Thanksgiving feast.  My husband is the opposite.  When he cleans, he goes all out all at one time and you have to stay out of his way.

2)  I am so grateful that my six year old and I can say the pledge, devotion, morning offering, mysteries and decade of the rosary every morning before we start our work.  When my older kids were home with us, we would say the morning offering and rosary or prayers in the afternoon after we completed our work.  This is because we had too many schedules to juggle and more work to complete during the early part of our day when we worked best or more efficiently.  Both ways were quite nice but things change as my family grows too.  We have to do what works best.

They do not pray in public schools and this is a travesty.  My daughters are blessed to attend a Catholic high school where they attend Mass every day.  This school is indeed a diamond in the rough.  If we didn't have this school to attend, we would be homeschooling the girls through high they were up until ninth grade.

3)  We read the bible nearly every day.  In fact, I'll be going to the library tonight to get more books that we can do journal entries that focus on virtues of characters and references of bible verses.  They do not open God's Word in public schools.  See my facebook page ( and click on a link to try some of the sample stories and verses I've included on my website.

4)  All the fruits of our homeschooling efforts are bearing fruit and I love to see my children grow and learn.  As you can see, the faith is extremely important to us and my college sons are very active at the Catholic Student Center in college.  If we did not homeschool and chose to send them to public school during their elementary years, this may not be a reality.

5)  We can use the computer when ever we need to to do research.  I also have my son practicing underlining subjects and verbs in his sentences he creates on the computer.  He can not type paragraphs good yet as he is only first grade.

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