Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simple Woman

Outside my is a rainy day and overcast here in Maryland.  It is supposed to be for the next two days.

I am thinking...that "The Moffats" is a wonderful story my second grader is reading as it causes me to tell him about many of my childhood memories.

I am thankful...that one of my college sons was accepted to the Ph.D. program and my other one received a part time job at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.

In the kitchen...we are going roast pork, rice, and veggies.

I am sweats, pink and black top, and pony tail

I am creating...a listing of the science projects my second grade homeschool coop has brought home for moms:

1)  Learn About the Moon's and Earth's Orbit - Concept Review
2)  Moon Log
3)  Pick something about a specific planet to share w/ the class - Patrick's was Uranus
4)  Experience the Experiment - Four Seasons/Earth's Axis
5)  The Solar System - 9 planets
6)  Experience the Experiment - What falls faster - heavy or light objects?
7)  Discover/Test Yourself - Directions/Seasons/Planets
8)  Data Chart on Distances between Planets
9)  Experience the Experiment - "Nothing As Personal As Fingerprints"
10)  Data Graph on Eye Color
11)  Coloring The Eye/Learning What Parts are Called
12)  Comparison/Labeling Parts of Eye and Camera
13)  Data Graph on Class Pulse Rates
14)  Attraction and Repulsion of Magnets
15)  Data on What Material is Magnetic (Iron)
16)  Data Table and Graph of Magnetic Force
17)  Questions on Compass as Magnetism Detector - Electromagnetism
We will be starting a section on Birds soon.  If you have binoculars, please let me know if your child can share them or bring them for his/herself.  My husband has a pair I think I could bring and share with the kids.
I am bring my game I invented to an after school program in our local town.

I am wondering...who to and how to market my game.

I am looking forward to... The last day of Religious Education classes next week.  We will be having a May Procession and celebration.

I am hearing...nice to hear my son sing as he completes his work.

Around the house... I need to fold and put away many clothes.

I am praying...for a successful outcome in the mid-term elections.

One of my favorite things...was seeing my son receive his First Holy Communion this past weekend.

A few plans for the rest of the order make up, attend local after-school-program, plan my classes on birds for science, pray for intervention on which homeschool coop to attend next year, say family rosary on Sunday, go to gym three times or walk with hubby on nice day, get vacuum cleaner fixed.

Here are some recent pictures to share.

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