Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Will the Real Evildoers Please Stand?

Sometimes God speaks to our hearts in the simplest moments.  The other day I was blessed to be able to sit and talk with a dear friend while our children played at her house.  While we talked, we had a nature channel on while we engaged in a wonderful conversation.  At one point we were enthralled with a polar bear and her young cubs.  They came out from under the snow and her new cubs waddled over to the mother polar bear as she enticed them with her mother's milk.  When we see a mother nursing her child, it is one of the most beautiful sites anyone can ever imagine...whether it is in the animal kingdom or human kingdom.

I remember those holy and peaceful moments as a young mother when I was able to nurse my babies.  I actually felt a life force leaving my body as it nurished my baby.  Being able to give and provide for my children trumps any job or career I've had or could have in life.  It is an experience that is so full of love that only women are able to experience from the designs of our heavenly Father when it comes to nursing.  There is a driving hateful force at odds with this beautiful image that we are encountering in our society today.  Everytime I hear of the legislation our evil president, Barrack Obama, puts forth like abortion and contraception,  this image flashes into my mind and I'm overwhelmed with concern for young women in our society.

When I say evil, I mean it.  We are fighting the devil in our country.  The liberal democrats have put a premium upon equality and sameness rather than upon difference, so that they've become intolerant to the very freedom to be different.  In effect, they've overstepped their bounds by taking advantage of our equalitarian democracy, where men will be prone to be 'lost in the crowd' of their fellows and lose respect for their own freedom and individuality, and so become grossly indifferent to the free expresions of individual thought, taste and desire on the part of all others.  They are engaged in making democracy and equality their great leveler which makes it impossible for minorities to hold any different views.  Unfortunately for them, the majority seems to be waking up to these evil efforts because their strategy is only accomplished by using force and being unethical in their business dealings.

Liberals say that equality for women comes in the working world to be equal with their male counterparts.  Part of this is true but they overstep their authority by forcing abortion and contraception on everyone...including those that believe it to be unethical and murderous through the HHS mandate.  They get away with not having to state their rationality or goals behind this and become a great threat to motherhood and the virtue of modesty in our young women.  In effect, if a young woman takes the pill...she is saying I want to have sex before marriage.  This is not a worthy goal for our young women to feel they have to uphold to be accepted in society.  Liberals always site medical reasons for taking the pill, but the vast majority who consume it are young women who want to avoid pregnancy when they engage in premarital sex.  This is never mentioned.

I've lived my whole life without having sex as a goal and the Lord protected me.  This is not to say that I was a virgin when I married because I believed the lies of my first boyfriend.  Once I learned he was a liar, I quickly stayed away from him.  I was lucky that I did not get pregnant.  After going through this lustful relationship where I was just used and bringing it before the Lord in sorrow, I quickly became the wiser and chose an honest man for my husband.  I believe this was because I did not have a goal to have sex before marriage in my life.  Sex was something that was fostered only by an honest loving relationship with a man that would take place before sex.  There are too many in powerful positions that promote lewd behavior.

Just look at the pornography that was forced down our throats with the performance from Miley Cyrus.  I'm sorry...but Miley Cyrus is no role model for young women.  We should not want our daughters to be like this.  The president had the gall to run to the aid of Trayvon Martin because he was black.  Why doesn't he run to the aid of women and speak up for modesty and decency when he sees a performance like this from Miley Cyrus?  It is because he approves of this and desires to bring America's values of faith and family down.  Is this what he wants from his daughters?  Obama is promoting the war on women and motherhood.  Anyone who claims to be a liberal associates themselves with the evils of this president now.  The only way to gain any credibility as a liberal, in my mind, is to discredit the evil deeds of this administration.  Some of which are:

Making peaceful religious people violate their own conscience by forcing them to encourage/promote behaviors, participate in activities or provide products that are immoral to their belief system.  This is a direct assault on Religious Freedom gauranteed to citizens in the First Amendment.  This is not equality but oppression.

Discriminating against others for their political beliefs that have always been at opposite reasoning scenarios in a two party system.  Only now, Conservatives are being targeted as though they are terrorists and they are not.  It is the Liberal who has taken on the actions and beliefs of terrorists.  They favor aggressors and violent people.

Making it difficult for peaceful citizens to protect themselves with responsible gun ownership that has always been a hallmark of our Second Amendment rights.

Ramming unjust voluminous ineffective laws (Obamacare)  through Congress while stating that the law must be passed before we can find out what is in it.  Absolutely no transparency or dialogue about the law prior to its passing.  I would never do business with someone so rude!

Telling our military personnel to STAND DOWN while our Embassy in Benghazi is being attacked by terrorists.  Afterwards, lying about the incident to the American people by claiming it was the result of a movie that angered Muslims in the area.  In effect, our embassy was destroyed and Americans were killed.  Why would one favor the aggressor unless they were evil themselves.

Ignoring when blacks attack whites in the 'Knock Out Game' because one is racist against whites.  Only arresting an individual who perpetrates this hanious crime if he is white.  This is racist.

These are a few of the atrosities that come to mind.  I have to tell you, many people in our country are superb liars.  Obama had many believing he was a Christian who believed in traditional marriage before he was elected.  This is obviously not the case.  In fact, those who are opposed to homosexual marriage, in all probability, believe people of the same sex can attain the most beneficial and productive relationship as friends.  It is this friendship that is a peaceful and amicable relationship that promotes virtue in our world.  Therefore, what exactly is this homosexual relationship if it is not friendship or true love/marriage?  It may be that it is the exact opposite of a peaceful relationship indicating that the two homosexuals may be harming eachother by violating any potential friendship that can develop.  Why would one force others to believe that destroying a potential friendship can promote virtue in society.  Where is the data and proof of this?  The liberals do not deal with facts but use equality as their great leveler to bring the righteous down.  Homosexual marriage is proof of this.  Just look at Massachusetts now.

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