Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Love Defined: Giving versus Using

Sexual desire is supposed to be an EXPRESSION of the person who desires to make a gift of self (self-donation) to another person which involves responsibility as opposed to just emotion, desire, and attraction.

1.)  Express:

1a) directly, firmly, and explicitly stated (he disobeyed my express orders) b) EXACT, PRECISE

Only a husband and wife in their sexuality can directly, firmly, explicitly, exactly, and precisely express their love for each other as God intended.  Thus it is not only in their emotions and characters but their very design of their bodies created in the image of God that fulfills this purpose of self-donation.

2a) designed for or adapted to its purpose b) of a particular sort: specific (he came for that specific purpose)

As stated previously, the sexual desire between a husband and wife are only able to fulfill God's purpose for their lives...both emotionally and physically.

4.) Express.

1a) DELINIATE, DEPICT b) to represent in words: STATE c) to give or convey a true impression of: SHOW, REFLECT d) to make known the opinions or feelings of (oneself) (expressed himself very strongly on that subject) e: to give expression to the artistic or creative impulses or abilities of (oneself) f) to represent by a sign or symbol: SYMBOLIZE

Only the sexual desire of a husband and wife deliniates (portrays, or represents accurately, or describes in sharp or vivid detail) the design suggested by God for total whole-hearted self-donation.

Only the sexual desire of a husband and wife accurately and naturally depicts (to represent by a picture, describes) the kind of self-donation God suggests for married individuals.

The bible clearly represents in words and explicitly states the one analogy God uses above all others to express His love for us: the love between a husband and wife.

Only the sexual desire of a husband and wife gives or conveys (communicates the knowledge of) the  will of God designed by His plan.

God has made known the opinions and feelings he has for us to be united with him in heaven which clearly states sodomy as a divergence from this plan.

God has illustrated in the bible that traditional marriage is used to symbolize His relationship with Israel and Christ's relationship with the Church as His spouse.

2a) to force out (as the juice of a fruit) by pressure b) to subject to pressure so as to extract something

This is what gay marriage legislation subjects Christians to: pressure applied on us in the way of fines or punishment to force us to cave or be silent on the choice to avoid this immorality.  This is how too many homosexuals express their forcing others to change.  Heterosexuals have never used the law to punish homosexuals and heterosexuality was never imposed on human beings.  Why is gay marriage suddenly allowed to be used as an imposition on everyone?  It appears that some gays do want to express their sexuality but clearly can not do it in line with God's plan.  Therefore, they attempt to make the Christian submit to their desires by forcing them with fines, punishment, and silence.  We are targets for them and if we do not stop this insanity now...later it will be too late.

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