Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Friday, May 24, 2013

The View with a Head Cold

It's time to link up with Mary Jo for 5 Minute Friday where you just write for 5 minutes without thinking or editing much.  Ready GO...

The post says to "show me what you've got" but I do not feel like I have too much because I'm coming down with a head cold this weekend.  Therefore, my view of this weekend is kind of 'iffy' when I don't have a lot of energy.  My hubby left this morning to help at the beach house for the weekend and he had a cold too.  This Memorial Day weekend we will be apart for the beginning of it with miserable colds...both viewing life blowing our noses and taking brief naps among the chores.

Nevertheless, I'm hoping tomorrow I'll feel better to have tacos with my five kiddos.  Then by Monday maybe hubby can barbeque and we can really celebrate our fallen heroes.  We'll pray together so that our stuffy heads will get a better view of the beauty of this holiday.

Even though the view of my world is topsy turvy right now because I've also had to go up on my meds for PTSD  and the world seems to be passing me by at times, I will still keep a chin up to be thankful for my beautiful family and that I have some time to cuddle under blankets on this cold day in May in Maryland.  I must be going now to run some errands a visit the friendly doctor.  Maybe the fresh air will do me some good and give me a new view of my environment. 

Thank you for listening...if anyone out there cares (just kidding).

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  1. Praying you feel much better very soon. Hope your beautiful family gets to enjoy the holiday.