Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
Love it!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First homeschooler to graduate college!

What a joy yesterday to see my oldest son graduate from the University of Maryland with honors!  He will be working on his funded research paper to be published over the summer while holding onto an internship that he has had for over a year in the Engineering field.  Next year he will be going to grad school at University of Maryland.

We are so proud of him and I can't help but keep having visions while he walks up on stage to get his degree of Colin as a baby.  I don't believe how proud and happy he has made my husband and I feel.  I believe a large part of his success comes from his love for the Faith!!

I still homeschool my first grader and we still have prayer, bible, and devotion every morning...about 30 minutes worth of Faith strengthening.  It has been central to our quest to grow in truth and love!! 

Please always know, even when times are rough and the kids are pulling you in ten different can stop for an instant and let God's Word mold your hearts to be invigorated to work towards virtue!  Always turn to the Lord in your homeschooling efforts and He will see you through!

If you would like to get a few ideas on keeping the Faith alive and well in your homeschooling endeavors...please join and glance at my website at  I don't know how to manage it real well yet but it is fun to try.  I would love to have more members though.  I also have a Meetup group at  Feel free to join and look around.

Here are some more pics from his graduation:


  1. Congratulations to your oldest son!! I'm going to check out your ideas on faith building. Thanks for the encouragement today :)

  2. Oh Congrats :)

  3. I can imagine how you feel. My daughter hasn't graduated college yet but is on her way.
    I haven't been as consistent as you in devotions with my children daily and you inspire me to make sure it is priority.