Expressions from our Youngest

Expressions from our Youngest
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes

It's time for 7 Quick Takes (a little late).  My seven year old is trying to tell me that the Big Foot may be real.  They are mostly in South America.  He believes they are mostly in mountain areas with a lot of trees.  His friend and my 13 year old daughter have told him that this is so.  They may be in North America too.  His friend heard one close his bedroom window one night.  He was stepping, breathing, and slammed the door.  In the morning, he climbed out the window and he saw the footprints.  I told him not to worry because our dog would bark at it if it came to our house.  He said, "not all dogs bark at Big Foots."  My son said he thinks he saw one yesterday in the plants.  He watches videos about them that are made by ButchyKid.  Therefore, I asked him to show me one.  He showed me one where Big Foot (man dressed up) stole a turkey being barbequed.  Unfortunately, he did something not to cool to the turkey and threw it at the camera man.  My son didn't seem to notice what he was doing exactly as it was quick and pretend.  Anyway, he knows this is a funny one.  You never know what your kids see and hear.  My son said he believes in Big Foot 50%:  "half of me believes and half of me doesn't believe."

I am so proud of my oldest son.  He will be busy this summer traveling between his internship, working on his research project at college for grad school, and home here.  It has been a benefit for both my sons to attend in-state college at University of Maryland.  There is a Catholic Student Center on campus where they have fellowship with other Christians.  Their faith has been maintained even though they went to a secular school.  He recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years, but I believe he may have made the right decision.  He is communicating much better now.  There was something that just wasn't quite right.  We don't know if they will get back together or not.  They were very close at one time and are both living the single life as far as I can tell.

My oldest daughter worked as an official lifeguard for the first time this year.  Last year she was a substitute and filled in when others had to take off work.  It is a wonderful job that all three of my oldest children have held (two currently hold this position this summer).  I can tell she worked hard because after she came home in the late afternoon...all she did was sleep.  There used to be crabby managers at our pool but they left and one got married (poor guy).  Now there should be a happier crew at the pool.  These two crabs were liberal witches who happen to be sisters.  They sit up near the front row in Church so everyone can see them.  They make my stomach churn because years ago they had two good employees fired.  I remember walking by one in the grocery store and she almost knocked me down as she was blabbing on her cell while charging through the store.  Their father is taking classes to try to be a deacon at our Church.  This will be awful!!!  We currently have good deacons. 

I am so thankful that my second oldest son came home from college not too long ago when I was having symptoms from my illness.  He really helped me a calmed me down to take my meds.  I have PTSD and was doing a lot of pacing.  It's a miracle that he came home then.  I am so grateful for his loving heart.  My dear sweet father always told my husband and I that this son was going to surprise us.  He continues to do so.

My husband and I have been trying to go on walks together more often to stay in shape.  Yesterday, we had a great morning walk for about an hour.  Nevertheless, my upper right leg is hurting today from arthritis.  I'm hesitant to call the doctor because sometimes I just need to rest for a week or so until it returns to normal.  Half the time I make an appointment...only to find that it has healed by the time of my appointment.   It's crazy.  In the mean time, I gain more weight because I do not exercise as much.  This is starting to drive me batty.  I'm hobbling around today homeschooling my son and doing chores.  I have to try to eat less now since I'm not getting the exercise I usually do.  Say some prayers that the pain goes away.

Our puppy, Bella, is eleven months old now.  She is part Akita and Shepherd.  She is adorable but is chewing everything in sight.  I will be bringing her to dog obedience next month.  I hope my leg is better for this.  My son just opened the front door for her to look out.  She is a good watch dog too.  She woke me up the other night when she thought my older son was an intruder as he forgot his key.  It's a good think the timing light went on so I could see who it really was at the door.

I'm so glad we didn't listen to one of my doctors who recommended not to have any more children after three.  We have five kiddos with the last two being complete surprises.  God knows what is best for us and he has blessed us abundantly with our children.  I'm so grateful that my faith is put first before anything else.

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